Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Challenge begins; MNFooseball

Most of my night was spent watching season 1 of "Lost." But I caught a little of bit sports here and there and then Sportscenter highlights this morning.

Big Ten leads the ACC-Big 10 challenge 1-0. More important games to come.
Correctly predicted Ohio State over Virginia Tech, but who didn't?
Ohio State, I'm just not impressed. Terrance Dials is a nice player, but with him they have a 1995 Houston Rockets-style offense which frankly is not very fun to watch, but without him, guys just circle around again and again calling for the ball until one of the guards either drives or jacks a three. They've got some talent, but I just don't see them piling up Big Ten road wins with that style.

Monday Night Football:
Colts rock 'n' shock the Steelers. You don't expect guys like Marvin Harrison come out and hit you in the mouth, but that's exactly what happened to Pittsburgh right after he & Peyton hooked up to embarass their defense.
These Colts have to be title favorites. Tony Dungy has now built the sort of great defense that he had in Tamba Bay, but he's got Peyton Manning rather than Shaun King at QB, so I would be surprised if they don't win the title. Anything less than a Superbowl victory will be an enormous failure at this point. On the other hand, the Colts just have to stay healthy. A key injury on defense can mean worlds of difference, as they found out a couple of years ago when the veteran Bennett when down late in the season, and also the Bears found out last year that Uhrlacher needs help, too.


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