Thursday, July 21, 2011

B1G basketball 2011 final efficiency stats

I know, they're crazy late. Apologies, but I still think it might be interesting to consider the player performances now that the sturm und drang of the conference season has settled.

Essentially, there was a pretty clear top three with Jordan Taylor, Draymond Green, and JaJuan Johnson, with probably Jordan Taylor with the slightest of edges over the other two. Jared Sullinger's play declined in the second of the season, but he still finished a very solid fourth ahead of Trevor Mbakwe, Jeff Brooks, and Melsahn Basabe. Anyway, the final stats and the school-by-school notes are now available.

In short, the Big Ten will get a lot of top players back next season, but a lot of the 2nd and 3rd best players have moved on. It's hard to envision that the conference will be quite as tough as it has been the couple years, but it won't be too down either.

I'll have number crunching on Nebraska up before too long, to see how the Huskers' 2011 conference season compares to the rest of the returning B1G players.


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