Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Colts wrap-up, Indiana-Illinois preview

Well, the Colts and the Bears lost. If I were as big of a football fan as I am of college basketball, I would be inconsolable. But, I'm a casual fan of these two teams who constantly waits for the other shoe to drop.

Ryan G prays for the Hoosier ballers not go the way of the Colts. Steve at the Speedway spreads the blame around
here after his
initial reaction in which he threatens to become a Yankee fan.
My good friend Dr. Surly has a really positive post about it at Burning Behind the Eightball.

Tonight's game vs. Illinois should be a tough match for the Hoosiers, especially if IU is still without Lewis Monroe. They bring much the same problems that Michigan did: Good rebounding, dangerous backcourt, athletic wings. But Illinois executes on the offensive end better, and is possibly the best defensive squad in the conference. IU needs to go at center Kevin Augustine, because despite his turnovers, he's the best scoring and passing option the Illini have. If they don't double on Marco, Augustine may not see much time at all. If they do double on Marco, IU needs to be crisp with its passing or guys like Dee Brown and Brian Randle will make those turnovers points in a hurry.

But, this isn't last year's explosive squad. If IU executes its plays, passes well, and shoots decently, Illinois will have a very hard scoring points. IU shouldn't be afraid of a making this a "Big Ten" game and slowing it down, because a quicker pace will only benefit Dee Brown, the one guy who Indiana can't let get started.

Illinois' defense will keep the game close, and their rebounding should give them a shot to win, but if IU plays smart and shoots okay, look for a big win for Indiana tonight.


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