Friday, January 06, 2006

New NBA rankings

Props to the Taco from Indiana for putting his own version down here, so I thought I'd put down my own rankings with actual revisions in order! Wow!

NBA notes:

1. Detroit:
The best right now, but will have to on a 16-game winning streak from here to keep Bulls pace. I don't see it happening.
2. San Antonio:
I think they're still the team to beat in the playoffs.
3. Dallas:
Looking good, but I still think they only make the Finals if the Spurs get injured or choke.
4. Miami:
A contender still. Record looks better when you consider how much they played without Shaq.
5. Phoenix:
Valid point about Amare, ACL injury usually takes ballers 18 months to get back to their old selves. But still, looking pretty decent with 20 wins and no Amare.
6. Cleveland:
I'm not yet a believer, too thin, and nothing proven yet in the playoffs.
7. Memphis:
Very surprising at 20-10, but maybe this is a testament to having good guards. Eddie Jones has been on winning teams nearly everywhere he's gone, and Damon Stoudamire is having a good year.
8. New Jersey:
Actually not doing that bad, but still paper-thin in the paint.
9. Milwaukee:
Playing some entertaining ball, and it's good to see TJ Ford actually recovered and playing well.
10.LA Clippers:
Hanging around the top ten, but you just gotta think the Clipper curse will kick in before too long.
11. Indiana:
Artest is sooo frickin' stupid. Just keep playing well, and let the GM's deal for you without tipping that you're still a headcase.
12. Minnesota:
The Warriors have more wins, but T-pups get the nod for being division winners.
13. Golden State:
Winning, which says the turnaround is for real, but definitely not the new Suns.
14. Utah:
AK-47 is oh so versatile. And just imagine if Detroit had kept Okur!
15. Philadelphia:
I'm starting to warm up to this club. Having C-Webb does translate to wins, wherever he goes.
16. Boston:
Paul Pierce can play. But four of the top five scorers are 2-guards, essentially.


17. Denver:
I think they'll rally to make playoffs, but probably won't last long once there.
18. LA Lakers:
Phil Jax only has so much magic in his hat. Kobe needs someone, anyone in the paint.
19. Seattle:
Ray Allen is amazing offensively, but this is where I expected this team to be last year.
20. Washington:
Dropped a bit after a decent start. Plenty of time to rally in weak East.
21. Orlando:
Glass Hill is supposedly coming back. I guess that's good.
22. Chicago:
I expect that although Chicago will neither make the playoffs nor break .500, they're not as bad as their current losing streak.
23. New Orleans:
Starting to play in New Orleans again. Maybe we can finally drop the "NO/Oklahoma City?"
24. Sacramento:
Yeah, they suck. I didn't expect this at all, but there it is.
25. Houston:
No Yao, no recovery. It's fun to look back and remember that some experts thought the Rockets would be Western Champs. Makes me feel better about my own picks.
26. Portland:
Rebuilding. Not a good team, but there's hope for the future.
27. Toronto:
Same as Portland. At least, until Chris Bosh bolts via free agency.
28. Charlotte:
5-5 "rally" after 8-game losing streak. But right now they've lost 3 in a row. (Taco: that double-double machine is Emeka Okafor, 2004 college POY and 2005 NBA ROY).
29. New York:
Even Larry Brown couldn't turn this club around. I suspect he won't until "black hole" Marbury gets traded.
30. Atlanta:
Classic example of a team that gets good Sportscenter play because of the nice highlights, but just doesn't win.


At 3:06 PM, Blogger The Taco From Indiana said...

Didn't you hear about Damon Stoudamire. Gone for the year. That is a shame. He is 5'10" just like me.

Still Memphis is SHOCKINGly good. I guess the CZAR knows what is doing.

The Nets have been doing well since Vince has been driving like crazy. He just hit a 3 at the buzzer to finish off the Raptor. He score 24 in the last quarter.

But what if he gets injured????

Speaking of....guess who is hurt again. Glass Hill as you call him. He keeps going down with injuries.

I never watched TJ Ford before this year, but man is he quick!!!!

Artest may go to Denver. That may be intesting. Maybe Kenyon can go ape-shit on him and keep him in order.

I think it is intesting that Furious George Karl told Camelo this: You are not allowed to shoot if you wait more than 1 second after receiving the ball to make your move; you have to pass the ball. He is also not suppose to shoot a Jumper unless he is wide open.

Sure enough it worked. He is shooting just under 50% and 24.something a game.

Maybe Cassel will be the Clipper curse. He is a small guy and he is what, 80 years old?

Did you see AK-47s stat line the other day. He had at LEAST 6 in EVERY category. 6 steals, 7 blocks, upteen assists and points...just hustles or something. I am still waiting for Boozer to come back fully recovered and be a force.

It is lucky that Detroit has had 3 excellent years, b/c Marko instead of Camelo and/or Wade, has not exactly panned out. Of course Wade is probably thrilled to be playing and living in Miami instead of Detroit and having a small shot at the championship (with some vintage games from Shaq).

I am glad for C-Webb. He was limping all last year. It is interesting that they seem to do better when A.I. scores less. Although, earlier this year, the statistician (spelling?) rated him as the third most efficient player in the NBA (which they found Shocking). He is playing his best ball yet.

Boston has been having trade rumors for Pierce. At least he is young so he can wait through a rebuilding phase w/o getting scared his playing days are about to expire (i.e. Vince Carter with the Raptors).

Did you see that Phil Jackson called Kwame a p-ssy on the radio. Not exactly classy. Apparently they would meow as Kwame walked by. Kwame was not happy and he is a very sensitive guy. I guess the guy who started the meowing said that Kwame was suppose to be a strong Tiger inside or something....But Kwame played better after that, until he got hurt.

Seattle is just a mess. Ray Allen is one of the best shooters, but they are a mess. I saw a thing on Ray Allen's pre-game. He apparently shoots Free throws (making like 22 out of 25), and then mid-range (22 out of 25), and then 3 pointers (it was some sick number like 78 out of 100) or something like that.

Speaking of which, apparently Amare Stoudamire is practicing free throws and in an empty gym he is making like 88 or 90 out of 100. I think people don't give NBA players enough credit about their shooting abilities (unless they are talking about Shaq who has injured hands and toes).

Did you know Gilbert Arenas has improved every year he has been in this league and could possibly score 30ppg this year?

Skiles is the man. They will break out of their slump.

I wonder if the Hornets stay in New Orleans. Chris Paul has been amazing. Who is this guy? Where is he from?

I figured Sacramento would suck since they sucked in the pre-season. Peja has been in trade rumors all year. Bobby Jackson has gone to Memphis (I liked him a lot). They just lost Shareef-whatever his name is. Shareef was refused after a physical by the Nets citing knee concerns. I think he is out due to taking an elbow or something though.

Yeah the Rockets are nothing without McGrady and he is always having back spasms. I did not like the Mike James trade. That guy had a lot of energy. Sura who was a strong player has been hurt all year and so has skip-to-my-lou.

I can see why the "Kobe-stopper" Rebun wanted out of Portland and demanded a trade. They are playing all these young guys and he is getting near the end of his career. At that stage of your career, you want to be on a contendor, not on a rebuilding project. I wonder if Zach Randolph would also like to be traded for the same reason (even though he is much younger).

You have Toronto higher than I would think. Yeah Chris Bosh is definetly leaving. Although he is featured on Canadian TV all the time (at least last year when I was up in Canada for a few days). Did you know Vince Carter made something like $1 million a year by being traded to the Nets? Canada taxes the crap out of their citizens, so Bosh will get more money state-side than in Toronto. I wish Vancouver still had a NBA team.

NO! It is not Okafor that I was referring to. They have a lesser known guy who is playing extremely well this year. Now you made me go and look it up. Gerald Wallace. He hit a string of double-doubles and people where impressed.

New York has now won 3 in a row. Still I think they would LOVE to trade Marbury. And by they, I mean Larry Brown. I am not sure Isiah will buy into that or not. They were slamming Isiah for spending $33 million on Jerome James and $10 million a year on Larry Brown.

Atlanta. Still reeling from the Collier thing. Joe Johnson is putting up better numbers and Josh Smith (d-amn-it why didn't he play at IU) is good for some high-light reels. I can understand Joe Johnson wanting to be more than a role player. He is pretty young and he knows how to score and he would like to be the driving force that gets the job done rather than Nash's lackey.

I bet New York finishes higher. I think they will continue to improve.


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