Thursday, December 08, 2005

Indiana, Indiana State, and Kentucky

Well, I was a bit ranty about the IU loss to ISU. But I do think that

*the margin for error has evaporated,

*Davis' seat just got pretty hot real quick,

*that teams like Butler and Ball State have to be licking their chops to have a shot at an inconsistent Hoosier squad later this month, on their home floors no less.

The Indiana State team might not be so bad, and there's no reason to panic after one bad game. But with the last 2 1/2 seasons behind us, perhaps a non-Hoosier fan could understand why the faithful fans are a bit jumpy. This team is talented, but are they a team?

So, what should be a very indicative game against Kentucky looms on the horizon. What to make of KU is almost as hard of a task as what to make of the Hoosiers. Here's the schedule UK has played:

S Dakota St W 71-54
Lipscomb W 67-49
Iowa L 67-63
West Virginia W 80-66
Liberty W 81-51
High Point W 75-55
UNC L 83-79
at Georgia St W 73-46

There are some real powder puffs on this schedule. But UNC, Iowa, and WVU are not be taken all that lightly. There seems to be only one true road game, too.

The losses to Iowa and UNC were close, but the West Virginia win is less impressive than it looks on paper. That game was real close late, despite UK's hot start, and few key plays by Rondo changed the complexion of that finish. So there's no game yet you can point to as a barometer of what UK can, or should achieve.

The Randolph Morris circus couldn't have helped them any, and Rajon Rondo (who essentially plays 3 of the five starting spots alongside Rekalin Sims and Patrick Sparks) was out for the GSU game with strep throat. I wonder just how ready to go he's going to be.
I believe in Tubby Smith's ability to win games, but I am skeptical of this Wildcat team deserving a top 25 ranking without Morris, let alone #15.


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