Monday, December 05, 2005

Indiana 4-1, Colts & Bears win

Indiana B-ball takes down an unimpressive Eastern Michigan squad. Same problems as always
(inside defense, shot selection, etc.). Can they take Kentucky without DJ White? I think so. Game Ball to Ben Allen for strong play. For a frosh center, he actually looks pretty good. He probably should have played more in the Duke game, But Davis yanked him in favor of Kline. I understand as Kline's a fifth-year senior, but Allen could be the most talented IU "true center" since Kirk Haston, if he stays 4 years. Mike Davis gets some pub for his 100th win, and as much as I want IU to do well this year, I call BS on the media about Davis being the 2nd-fastest-to-100 . Steve Straiger makes the excellent point with the real numbers:

So here are the real numbers:

1) Robert Montgomery Knight 100-20
2) Branch McCracken 100-25
3) Everett Dean 100-48
4) Mike Davis 100-68

Oh and by the way, those are the only coaches in IU History to get to 100 wins. So in reality, Davis was the slowest IU coach in History to get to 100 wins.

Great run-down. I don't think Davis is an incompetent, but let's not go comparing him to Knight just yet.

Speaking of Knight, Ryan G. seconds the Vitale motion that Assembly Hall be renamed for RMK. To which I say... no. Yes, Knight is one of the great minds in the game. Yes, he probably deserves to have his own "DeanDome." But make no mistake, Knight deserved to get fired from IU. The stupid events that actually got him fired aside, RMK was an employee that would've gotten fired at nearly any institution, despite his productivity, just for being an embarassment. Indiana is going to name a building after someone they fired? Nope. Even supposing that could happen, the Knight family would probably have a choice finger to "thank" IU with. A lot more time is going to need to pass for before IU and RMK bury the hatchet and hold hands. Like, eternity.

Colts kill a weak Tennessee team, Bears defense roughs up Favre. The questions are:

Can the Colts win the Superbowl?
A: Yes. Will they? Well, they've got a better than even shot at it. The most important thing is to stay healthy down the stretch.

Are the Bears a NFC title contender?
A: If title contention was measured solely by defense, the Bears would surely be a lock. But the Bears offense, while mediocre, will be taken advantage of in the playoffs. I'd love to see a Colts-Bears Superbowl, but I don't think that'll happen. You just can't rely on your Defense to score points.


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