Friday, December 02, 2005

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Indiana Soccer:
Freshman star Lee Nguyen goes pro, my theory of first-round-loss offsetting that goes out window. Juniors Jake Peterson & Jed Zayner also will go if they get offers. Durn!

Nice post about Yoni Cohen/Dick Vitale. But I disagree on the comparison.
I like the graphic, but I don't want it on Google, I want it to work (in reverse) for my tv set.
Non-Big Ten C-Ball:
Kansas falls, barely, to Nevada and Nick Fazekas 35 points? Here's a question, is the 6-11 Fazekas starting at power forward or small forward? But neither one of these clubs is ranked.
Nevada should be.

Major powerhouse programs seem kinda down, outside of Duke. Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina will struggle to get past the first round of the NCAA's, if they get there. UCLA and Indiana are on the way back up this year, but how far back up? UConn will be good, but they are kind of a Johnny-come-lately in thinking of College Powerhouses. Arizona, Michigan State, and Louisville are all decent contenders, but none are odds-on favorites for the Championship.


At 5:04 AM, Blogger Ben Fulton said...

Somebody said that Nguyen was the Bracey Wright of this year's soccer team. As good as he was, I do not see it as a huge loss.


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