Tuesday, December 06, 2005

NBA updates:

Time for a revisiting of how I picked the NBA, and how it's actually doing. The NBA is only the methadone for my college hoops addiction, but it is still fun to keep up with. The teams are listed in the order that I originally picked them, with their current (12/6) records and standings following.

1. San Antonio- (14-3, First in West) The best in the West will be playing without gunslinger Manu Ginobili for a while, but they're deep enough to get through it A-ok.
2. Indiana- (10-6, Tied for 2nd in East) Well, the Pacers are not playing at the level they are capable of, and their defense is indeed nasty, their offense is even more horrific. Maybe they miss Reggie more than one would've thought? But probably they just miss Tinsley playing well.
3. Miami- (10-8, 5th in East) Shaq's finally back, maybe the Heat can start winning some games?
4. Detroit- (13-2, First in East) Good start. I didn't expect that. But whether they sustain when 'Sheed gets bored in mid-winter is another tale.
5. Dallas- (12-5 Tied for 2nd in West) About where I expected them. Good, but only a title contender if San Antonio falls apart.
6. Denver- (9-9, 8th in West) Technically tied with Hornets and Sonics for last playoff spot, but have one more win. I would've thought better.
7. Houston- (4-12, 15th in West) Darnit! I knew that the Rockets weren't that great, but the crazy expectations of the ESPMSM made me downgrade from tops in the West, not into the lottery where they look like they belong right now.
8. Sacramento- (7-10, 12th in West) Don't let the standings fool you, they're only a game & a half out of a playoff spot, but things must turn-around soon before they get into too big of a hole.
9. Cleveland- (10-6, Tied for 2nd in East) Looking good, but not on the road. But Hughes & James see to be a success, which is bad news for the rest of the East.
10. New Jersey- (7-9; Tied for 9th in East) All that talent, but no sustainability. Backcourt-heavy club is just too unbalanced.
11. Phoenix- (10-5, 6th in East) Doing very well for missing Amare. Matrix, Nash, and newcomers still a potent combo.
12. Washington- (7-8, 7th in East) Not bad, not great. Jared Jeffries has started every game, but is 7th on the team in minutes played. Also, 4.4 ppg not fantastic for an NBA starter. Much as I love JJ, I think he's the weak link on this squad.
13. LA Lakers- (7-9, 11th in West) Not looking great, especially the Kobe-only offense, but there's lots of time to turn it around. Midseason usually when good PhilJax teams hit their stride.
14. Philadelphia- (8-10, 8th in East) It's just ridiculous that if the playoffs started today, the 8th team in the standings would get the third seed. Unfair and stupid.
15. Seattle- (8-8, Tied for 9th in West) Not out of the playoff picture by any means, but struggling more than a lot of experts thought. Except me, and aren't I smart? Seattle will be lucky to make the playoffs this year with the resurgence of the Timberwolves and Clippers.
16. New York-(5-13, 12th in East) There's still time, but Larry may have to get some trades to work in order to get that'll do what he wants.
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Lottery teams:
17. Minnesota- (10-6, 7th in West) KG should be happy enough. Getting back to the playoffs is a really reasonable goal for the T-pups.
18. Memphis- (12-5 Tied for 2nd in West) Wow to the defense! I don't think this will last, but the Grizzly D is tops in the NBA.
19. Boston- (7-9; Tied for 9th in East) Just out of then playoffs. Big shocker. I've been surprised that there hasn't been more Pierce trade talk.
20. Chicago- (8-8, 6th in East) Poor Chicago. Losing close one to Dallas and losing Hinrich to injury. Put this on top of being last (5th) in your division but 6th in the conference, and they are looking to finish weak.
21. Golden State- (12-6, 5th in West) Between these guys and the Clippers, the West is just thumping my predics right now. Baron Davis, he's a player.
22. Milwaukee- (9-6,4th in East). 4th in the East is also 4th in Central. Woof.
23. Utah - (7-11, 13th in West) I thought for a bit that perhaps I had underestimated them if Kirilenko was healthy and Boozer was motivated, but it's looking like I didn't.
24. Orlando- (7-10, 11th in East) Dwight Howard is what Kwame Brown should've been. He and Stevie Franchise are a nice two-man game, but it is a five-man team.
25. LA Clippers- (12-5 Tied for 2nd in West) Biggest oops yet. And it might last as long as Sam-I-am is healthy. Yikes! But I'm happy for Elton Brand, who's deserved better.
26. Toronto- (3-15, 14th in East) No surprise here. Bosh can play and Villanueva's a decent rookie, so they could be okay again, one of these years.
27. Charlotte- (5-13, 12th in East) Ditto. Sean May and Ray Felton not impacting like Felton predicted. I wonder how he's taking it. Probably cries himself to sleep at night on his big bed made of money.
28. Atlanta- (2-14, 15th in East) Will this be another "can they win 9 games" storyline? Nah. Josh Smith can dunk, 'tho. Man alive, I wish he'd spent a year or two at Indiana.
29. Portland-(5-11, 14th in West) Yeah, they don't look good. Upsides... well, Darius Miles is playing well, maybe the best of his career.
30. New Orleans/Oklahoma City- (8-8, Tied for 10th in West) Wow. This is a major achievement. I did not expect them to be even just kinda bad, let alone .500. Probably won't last, but this is good news right now.


At 10:40 PM, Blogger The Taco From Indiana said...

I did think you rated the Kings too high originally.

Pistons have to be 1 or 2 now.

But your comments were on Dec 6th so.

You will have to revisit Indiana as they look to deal Artest.

Hopefully to Sacro. They need to get something for Pedra before he bails, so they should be happy to take Artest. And the Pacers want to deal out West so they do not have to face him in the Easter Conference playoffs.

I still can't believe you have the Kings this high up as late as Dec 6th.

Hill is coming back for the Magic. They should be okay

Alanta and the Raptors should suck.

Here is what I would say:

1. Pistons
2. Spurs
3. Dallas

Then a gap
4. Phoenix - I don't agree that Amare will be back on time, or even that he should. He is too good to take a chance on (and young). Plus look at Webber as he hobbles (although he is starting to click with A.I.), Webber was not the same after having that surgery. Is the Matrix just Wade in disguise?

5. Indiana - Even with out Artest they are strong. O'Neal has more than one arm this season (after playing hurt last season and being forced to develop a left hand).

6. Miami with Riley and the Daddy back. But still, Riley sucked with the Heat and the Daddy has been putting on weight on purpose (building up his strength) which should be bad in the long term. I think he should have stuck to cardio. Even a "weak" Shaq is super strong. J-will and employee #8 scare me in the playoffs.

7. I cannot believe how good James is this early in his career. Where is the learning curve. Now he has help and they could be a surprise team. Especially with Artest moving west.

8. Can I really be writing that the Clippers are this high. I think that the curse of the Clippers will somehow bring this crashing down. Brand may have a chance at MVP.

9. Minnesota - Wally is playing well. They should be okay this year. Garnett is always a difference maker.

10. Golden State - Davis, although he is injury prone, has turned them around. They are locked up with the Rockets right now. They look like the better team, although Yao and T-mac are keeping them in it. I think the Rockets will pull it out (up by 5).

11. Denver - Camelo is starting to come alive. Boykins is great for a 5'5" guy who can bench 300. But statistically, they would be better with another point.

12. Milwakee - At least Michael Redd is something exciting for Chicago's northern neighbor. T.J. Ford is unbelivably quick!

13. Washington - They are slumping but should recover.

14. Kobe and Phil are still a decent team as long as the KOBEs keep winning. I think they make the playoffs, but they need a big trade to go very fast. The secret here is no secret. Shut down Kobe.

15. Phily - A.I. and Webber clicking. They should be okay here.

16. Rockets - With Tmac they are a good team. Without TMAC, they should fall 10 spaces. And the big sleep has been getting injured a lot.

17. New Jersey. Why!!!? Why do they suck so bad!? Why can they not score? You have J-Kidd, J- Richardson, and Vinsanity. Lawerence Frank better figure something out.

18. Seattle. They have Ray Allen, but they do not feel like they have anything else.

19. Memphis - They are playing tough. I always like Bobby Jackson. He could start on a lot of teams. Mighty Mouse is doing great for a guy our height.

20. Orlando - The Franchise is teaming up with the Man-Child II (Dwight) and now Hill is coming back.

21. Chicago - I like Skles. I think he will find away. Chandler is having problems with his Wind. They need to solve that.

22. Kings - I bet they get Artest, but still do not move up.

23. Utah - Some faith in Sloan and AK-47 here. Of course Sloan has not coached that much w/out Stockton (and Malone).

24. Boston - Paul Pierce and the rookies.

25. New York - They might get Artest even though they are in the East because they have been brutal. Marbury is going to be moved before the season ends.

26.Portland - Rebuilding project. The Kobe Stopper is starting some drama.

27. New Orleans - Chris Paul is great. They are doing better than anyone expected.

28. Charlotte - Who is this double-double machine that I have not heard of before. Can't think of the name, too much cough syrup and I am tired.

29. Atlanta - Tyron Lue gets playing time, but he is not a guy who shoots spot-up jumpers. Josh Smith is exciting. Joe Johnson is struggling a little as the focal point of the defense.

30. Raptors - The coach feuds with everyone. Everyone not named Bosh or Villanova is questionable.

At 10:58 AM, Blogger Indiana Fan said...

Aha. here they are!

I still can't believe you have the Kings this high up as late as Dec 6th.

Naw, these rankings didn't change. I was posting my original predictions ordering.

When I get a little time, I'll post my revised rankings.


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