Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Catching up with IU sports

Basketball news:
It's all been bad for a while, from transfers to recruit Bud Mackey looking at jail time to the whole phone call bugaboo. But I agree with Mike DeCourcy that Indiana really blew this one by firing asst. coach Rob Senderoff. I don't know what they were thinking, maybe they're trying to get Kent Benson back as a fan? If it's Sampson's responsibility, then fire him. If it's Senderoff's fault for being the one that screwed up, you fine him, yell at him, send him to boring seminars for punishment, maybe you even suspend him for a bit, but firing him over his first secondary violations is undeserved.
If you think Sampson is responsible for gaming the system through Senderoff, then you fire him. But more and more it looks to me like it's AD Greenspan who's got to go.

Indiana looks poised to beat Ball State at home, which makes them the best team in the MAC and bowl-eligible. But, bowl-eligible is not bowl-getting, especially when you're not beating any Big Ten teams. If they had beaten Penn State, maybe they could've gotten to a bowl. I watched some of the PSU game, and James Hardy is impressive (and probably gone at the end of the season), but Kellen Lewis -tho quite gifted- is just not a mature QB yet. Sure, the Hoosiers had some bad luck, including the game-killing muffed punt reception at the end. And I like that the defense isn't a total joke. But Football just isn't one of Indiana's sports, and the Athletic Department should kick themselves every time someone points out that they forced Bill Mallory out early.

I watched the OT win over Notre Dame and having been following the last few games, and this young club has a lot of talent and some real toughness on defense. However, I'm having a hard time seeing this team getting back to the Final Four unless they start finishing chances on goal. These Hoosiers play smart, tough, and generate a lot of chances on offense, but like those mid-90's IU teams, they just don't rack up goals. Maybe they're saving the good luck for the tournaments, and I certainly hope that's the case.


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