Sunday, December 09, 2007

Time to get out of the Prediction Business

It seems that in order to punish me for my insolence, the basketball gods decreed that not only would Eric Gordon not play against Kentucky, but Armon Bassett would have to sit out as well. This left Indiana without its first and second option at point, and to top it all off, DJ White spent 10 minutes of the first half on the bench in foul trouble.
However, there was nothing to worry about as IU cruised past a Wildcats team that I thought would prepped and focused, but came in wide-eyed and unable to hit shots from anywhere on the floor. IU rolled 70-51, and it really wasn't that close. Indiana was clearly the superior team, and sure, there were a couple of calls and banked shots that went the Hoosiers' way, but overall you have to feel pretty good about Indiana the better team.
Gordon and Bassett may or may not sit out more, but the re-addition of Mike White seems to have solidified the Hoosier frontcourt, and allowed the newcomers (Thomas, Holman, and McGee) to play the back-up roles they seem better accustomed to. I'm very interested to see how AJ Ratliff plays when he returns. He could provide a perimeter presence that allows Eric Gordon to get a little more rest, and maybe strenghens the Hoosier defense as well.
I wouldn't say that they've come together, but there's definitely been progress. Either that, or Kentucky's a whole lot worse of a team than even I expected.


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