Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The end of the Sampson era?

Maybe. IU fans'll know the full extent of the investigation and the consequences when they all happen in June. It's a shame (yes an actual *shame*), but rather than sit here and worry about what might be, I'm much more interested about what's happening on the court. At least for now. There'll be plenty of time to blather about all of this during the offseason.

AJ Ratliff has left the team. It's too bad, as I thought he might contend for a starting spot if Gordon or Ellis could take point. When he was playing confidently, he was a wonder to watch: blocking shots on the perimeter and taking them in for easy scores, hitting threes and then making foes pay for overplaying with beautiful finger-rolls in the lane. But he was obviously having a tough year, and here's hoping he's able to make his life better, wherever it goes.

Indiana faces a tough home game against Wisconsin, followed by games against Michigan State and Purdue.

I've posted my latest individual ratings report over at the Ratings blog. If you take a look, you won't be surprised at how Purdue was able to use Robbie Hummel against Michigan State and Wisconsin. I said it earlier, Hummel is the best power forward in the conference, and he just creates match-up problems for opposing big men. I've been surprised at his adjustment to the steep learning curve, but credit for Matt Painter for picking Calasan late to bang in the lane, and further credit for making Bo Ryan & Tom Izzo adjust to his gameplan rather than the other way around. I'd never thought I'd say it, but Painter so far looks like coach of the year.


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