Sunday, February 03, 2008

IU Wins, and there was this other game today too...

Indiana beat Northwestern at home 75-63, but had a hard time pulling away. Of course, I didn't watch the game on television, but kept up with it as I could. It seemed Northwestern had no answer for the individual brilliance of Gordon and DJ, but IU didn't have a lot to be proud of in this one. Sampson knows things aren't going well, and is clearly trying to mix things up, given that he started walk-on Kyle Taber and played him for 24 minutes.
I don't know what the problem is exactly. Sometimes the Hoosier defense looks appalling, sometimes its the offense. But sputtering into the hardest five-game stretch of the season is not confidence-inspiring. I guess it was good to see that Gordon's okay again, and hopefully Jordan Crawford is too. Also, it was good to see Sampson admit things aren't ideal and not make excuses.

What was pretty awesome to watch was the last few minutes of the Superbowl! Who woulda guessed. I didn't pay much attention in the first half, scarfing delicious 7-layer dip and rum 'n' cokes. Tom Petty put on a totally decent half-time show, and then there was a really fun football game which was a standout defensive performance on both sides until the end of the 4th quarter when I think everyone just got tired. I was cursing the Patriots (as I imagine most Colts & Bears fans might've been) for yet again pulling out a late go-ahead touchdown drive when Eli Manning shook two tackles, circled around, and throw an amazing completion to a receiver who, while getting tackled, made a one-handed catch by literally using his head. Congrats, Giants! There was no point this season that I thought you'd get to the Superbowl, until you actually did it, and then I thought it was just a blind hope that you'd upset New England. Well done.


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