Monday, January 21, 2008

Week 3 Big Ten Power Poll

I also listed my player ratings and individual statistical breakdown of the first quarter of the Big Ten Season over here. Jamar Butler's just having a heckuva year.

Since themes are the way to go in the Big Ten Bloggers Poll, I went with CW shows this week:

1) Wisconsin (5-0)

CW Show: Smallville, UW's got a plethora of big, strong dudes. Who's got the kryptonite?

2) Indiana (5-0)

CW Show: One Tree Hill, Lucas Scott & Lance Stemler- separated at birth? That and all the drama, and the phone calls, this one's a lock.

3) Michigan State (4-1)

CW Show: Supernatural, "hunky" brothers' explore x-files-esque events, showing a faux resolve and toughness that has mirrored the Sparties' own bravado that tends to get shaken on the road.

4) Ohio State (3-2)

CW Show: Aliens in America, a show about middle-class America learning to adjust to a talented import. Maybe this show will last longer than Kosta Koufos' stay in Columbus!

5) Minnesota (2-3)

CW Show: Beauty and the Geek, can Tubby run this social experiment to improve the lives of the geeks, and give his basketball beauties some brains?

6) Purdue (4-1)
Aside as to the low rating: They're winning, but two of the home games should've been losses.I don't know how Matt Painter is doing it, but the friendliest home confines in the conference is Mackey arena. I watched in both in the Michigan and the Illinois games, and the calls did not go both ways.

CW Show: Everybody hates Chris [Kramer], except there's not a lot of laughs in West Lafayette. Scowls, sure. late edit To be fair, Purdue obviously has a lot of young talent. But like the tv show, it can be pretty awkward at times.

7) Penn State (2-3)

CW Show: Gilmour Girls, the most east-coast of any Big Ten school, PSU's season is always as full of shallow patter and tragic endings as any season of the Girls.

8) Iowa (2-4)

CW Show: America's Next Top Model, figuring out the Hawkeyes' performances is as hard as figuring out Tyra Banks' crazy decisions.

9) Illinois (1-5)

CW Show: Gossip Girl, Jamar Smith's drunken carwreck and abandonment of Brian Carlwell (Smith thought Carwell dead) could've been on any episode of this vapid show.

10) Michigan (1-5)

CW Show: Reaper, John Beilien's got to feel like the kid who found out his parents sold his soul to the devil, and now has to complete an eternity of awful tasks.

11) Northwestern (0-5)

CW Show: 7th Heaven, this tv show went on and on and on, much like a NU game, or even just a NU possession.


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