Monday, January 07, 2008

Big Ten Power Poll: 1/07/08

After the first week of Big Ten Conference Play, here's my thoughts on these first few games have shown us:

1. Michigan State (1-0)
No reason to think they've slipped, as the 6-point home win over Minnesota says more about the strength of the new Tubby-led Gophers than it does of any weakness of MSU.
2. Wisconsin (2-0)
The Badgers start off with a pair of convincing wins over conference non-contenders.
UW does have the momentum working for them right now.
3. Indiana (1-0)
IU starts off with a road win, barely. They're just getting healthy, but getting AJ Ratliff & Armon Bassett back into playing shape would help a lot.
4. Ohio State (2-0)
Jamar Butler is making a case for conference POY: 32 points at Illinois, and then 10 rebs & 11 assists at NU.
5. Penn State (2-0)
When did you ever think that a PSU club would start off undefeated after 2 road games?
6. Minnesota (0-1)
Going into East Lansing and hanging tough should serve notice to the rest of the league. This is a different team.
7. Purdue (1-0)
Well, they started off with a win, which is more than you can say about the teams below them.
8. Illinois (0-2)
Wow. Two home losess, to Ohio State and Penn State. NCAA tourney hopes are starting to slip away. These guys play like they belong on a Mike Davis squad.
9. Michigan (0-2)
They're off to a bad start, but at least they showed some grit in rallying at Purdue before losing.
10. Iowa (0-2)
Two injuries to starters and two losses. Not the best way to open up conference play,
and if your shooter pours in 6 threes in the last two minutes, and you still can't get win at home... it's gonna be a long season.
11. Northwestern (0-2)
Two home losses, one to Penn State, even with Kevin Coble back. Not that I would've favored the 'Cats in either contest, but they aren't surprising anyone either.


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