Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Big Ten Play starts tonight!

Also, the IU men's football team was overcome by Oklahoma State 49-33. I was hopeful, but football has never really been a Hoosier sport. It was a great year 'though, and it would've made Coach Hep proud to see IU play "13." Well done, Hoosier footballers, congrats on a great year!

Men's basketball starts tonight with a road trip to Iowa, at 9pm ET. Any road game is dangerous, but this is one the Hoosiers have to be able to win if they're gonna be able to take the conference title. On the upside, the Hoosiers should have everyone available, except perhaps reserve center Eli Holman. I think the Hoosiers should play man the whole game, double-team nobody, and really attack the passing lanes. On offense, see if DJ & Eric can draw fouls early, and if not, move the ball to get open looks for DJ's jumper. The threes should be there all game, but it's better to work it inside a little to avoid Iowa getting out in transition.

Go Hoosiers!


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