Thursday, January 10, 2008

My NCAA Men's Basketball Top 25, why not?

I've updated my template to reflect who's currently blogging on Big Ten Basketball, and tried to weed out some of those who have stopped. Also, I threw together what my top 25 would look like, if I were to vote:

1. Kansas (14-0)
I was wrong, Brandon Rush is back and terrorizing opponents, and these guys look scary good.

2. Memphis (14-0)
There's so much talent here, and this year Calipari has some good depth to utilize, but my guess is they still don't win it all.

3. North Carolina (16-0)
The soft schedule has hidden depth problems, and they needed to pull out a last second three at Clemson to remain unbeaten. But Wayne Ellington's on a tear.

4. UCLA (13-1)
Darren Collison is coming back, and if he restores the balance to this team, look out in March.

5. Tennessee (12-1)
In my mind, this is a true elite team that can win it all, as Tyler Smith has given them a low-post option on offense. If Chris Lofton shakes out of his shooting funk, the Vols will be hard to beat.

6. Washington State (13-0)
Amazing defense here, and Aaron Baynes has bloomed as a post threat. Still, the schedule leaves me uncertain if this is a great team or just a very good one.

7. Georgetown (12-1)
I could say almost the exact same thing about Georgetown as I did about WSU, just replacing Baynes with Roy Hibbert. Conference games should answer the questions.

8. Xavier (13-3)
The Musketeers bounced back into the top ten with a great that saw them blow out three probably postseason teams at different venues.

9. Michigan State (14-1)
The Sparties are faltering a little bit, but they're still winning, so they stay here for now. Goran Suton may be the secret key to this team.

10. Butler (14-1)
AJ Graves beautiful 30-foot runner to win at SIU is probably the last good win that the Bulldogs will get for a while. But frosh Matt Howard is a beast inside.

11. Indiana(13-1)
Nothing has been shown here to prove that this is an elite team, but nothing's happened to prove they aren't, either.

12. Duke (12-1)
Duke's lack of size concerns me, as does a schedule that has kept them out of dangerous hostile arenas. But they did beat Wisconsin and Marquette.

13. Texas (12-2)
A two-game slump against Big Ten teams isn't anything to worry too much about, but they do look like they could go out early in the NCAA tourney.

14. Dayton (13-1)
The Flyers have come from nowhere to be surprisingly good. Who outside of Ohio foresaw this?

15. Texas A&M (13-1)
The Aggies have been okay, but the most shocking thing has been frosh center DeAndre Jordan's Free-throw and Field-Goal percentage discrepancy.

16. Marquette (11-2)
They had a nice win over Wisconsin, but otherwise they've not been that impressive, and the lack of depth inside is always a cause for concern.

17. Wisconsin (12-2)
Before too much gets made of the win at Texas, it should be noted that they literally stole that game. The Badgers'll be good, but I don't see great here.

18. Clemson (11-3)
A tough loss to UNC was followed by a 10-point letdown versus Charlotte, so I was tempted to drop them out of here, but I think they're probably 2nd-best in the ACC.

19. Pittsburgh (12-2)
If they get healthy, than maybe this team will start to look like the one you would expect from looking at the computer rankings. Until then, they're just good.

20. Gonzaga (11-4)
I'm not ready to give up on the Bulldogs, I think they had a strong schedule and are still gelling, and they'll probably get back to surprising tourney teams in March.

21. Arizona State (13-2)
Perhaps the most underrated team to date. Arizona draws a lot of attention with its star-power, but ASU is quietly looking like a conference title contender.

22. Vanderbilt (16-0)
Perhaps the most over-rated team around. Vandy's Aussie freshman Andrew Oglivy is a good center, but I don't see the depth here to get them very far in the NCAA tourney.

23. Drake (11-1)
The Missouri Valley's best team finally breaks through? Don't underestimate this team, and don't underestimate the Valley either.

24. Akron (11-3)
Right now, Akron appears to be the front-runner in the always-overlooked MAC. Kent State could supplant them, but hopefully both will go to the Big Dance.

25. Mississippi (13-1)
The Rebels hung tough against Tennessee. I'm not yet sure if Ole Miss is just riding their confidence from a nice start, or if they're actually a competitor in the SEC.


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