Friday, February 27, 2009

What do Indiana & Michigan State have in Common?

They both have home losses to Penn State and Northwestern this season.

Of course, MSU is a *lot* better than IU right now, but I'm just saying, let's keep in perspective. The streaks that ended that season were just that, streaks that ended (and ones that probably should've ended a while ago if not for a little luck on the Hoosiers part- I'm thinking of 1994-1995, specifically), and IU won't be this bad next season. And Penn State and Northwestern are worthy top 100/post-season teams, and the Hoosiers aren't. PSU & NU are just better this year. Hoosier fans have to look to the future.

That said, most of our new talent next season will be freshmen (with the exception of transfer Jeremiah Rivers), but Christian Watford should be able to start and be a go-to scorer that we just don't have right now. This season isn't over yet, so let's not start predicting next year's line-up at the moment, but we've only got three more games to suffer through. And probably, we IU fans will be suffering as the remaining contests are at Penn State, home against Michigan State, and at Wisconsin... and all those teams need the wins, so they won't be soft on the Hoosiers.

But hey, IU could always win the Big Ten tourney, right?

I keed, I keed.


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