Thursday, January 22, 2009

What? The Mildcats win at MSU?

Crazy. I knew the Wildcats would be better, but this is a win that I doubt anyone else notches. Spartans Weblog chalks it to up to statistical aberration and says to let it go. It's why they play the games after all. But if NU is able to win at MSU, IU's chances of taking them down at home can be considered a diminishing.

In this great week of ours with this historic inauguration, I'd encourage Hoosier fans to read over Jared Jeffries' words here.

And in the good IU news column, after the Women's team pulled away from Purdue late at home, they're now alone in first place in the conference. At least someone in the Cream and Crimson is playing some good basketball!


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