Sunday, January 11, 2009


It's rough being a Hoosier this year, but I'm still watching. It's tough to see the OT loss to Michigan followed up by an absolute killing at Illinois (they didn't miss anything, it seemed: 3 threes from Keller?). But the silver lining is that I'm starting to see freshmen Verdell Jones and Nick Williams get comfortable in the offense. With Dumes out with a rolled ankle (he should be back before too long), Jones & Williams should have some practice time to start getting used to looking for their shots.

Up next is a game at OSU, which if they shoot threes like Illinois, could be another tough one for IU fans. But after that is a good five-game stretch where the young Hoosiers can compete, and hopefully notch their first conference win.

Keep working hard, Hoosiers. It'll pay off.


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