Friday, December 05, 2008

Yeah, that was rough...

But still, the 83-58 loss wasn't as bad as I was worried it could be. Honestly, this score and the score from the last (2003?) trip to Wake Forest are probably reversed in my pre-game expectations. I thought we'd get sonned this time, and actually we lost by a smaller margin than Michigan State did to UNC. When I was watching IU in the Notre Dame blowout, I knew it would happen, but I still felt that burning, humiliated sensation creeping up my neck that used to make me run out and shoot for hours was I was 10 years younger. But I think I've accepted that the Hoosiers just don't have the horses this year. Crean has collected a number of players that have some talent and some will be valuable starters on decent teams in a couple of years. But all of these guys probably would be role players (at best) on the historically "very good" Indiana teams. Pritchard, Williams, & Story probably shouldn't be starters this year, but right now, they're only guys we got who can create good looks. They also create some bad turnovers, which would normally earn them a seat on the bench, but we just don't have much of one. I do want to temper fans' expectations going into the conference season: after watching the Big Ten choke away multiple opportunities (Iowa, Michigan, and most outrageously- Illinois) for their first chance to win the ACC challenge, you gotta see that the bottom of the Big Ten still has a lot more talent than the Hoosiers. I said before the season that the Hoosiers have a max of three conference wins, and I stand by that. But I truly believe the most likely Big 10 scenario for IU is 1-17. And this weekend's match with Gonzaga will be rough to watch as well. But, I do like these guys, and I like what Crean is doing. Just keep working hard, Hoosiers: It'll pay off.

Hoosier Scoop alerted me to the fact that one can watch the live video of the St. John's-Indiana game from the SJU soccer page.
Go Hoosiers!

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