Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Predicted 2009 NCAA tourney teams (top 50)

1. North Carolina*: (ACC)
2. UCLA*: (Pac 10)
3. Michigan State*: (Big Ten)
4. Louisville:*:(Big East)
5. Connecticut: (Big East)
6. Duke: (ACC)
7. Tennessee*: (SEC)
8. Oklahoma*: (Big XII)
9. Purdue: (Big Ten)
10. Memphis *: (Conference USA)
11. Notre Dame: (Big East)
12. Arizona State: (Pac 10)
13. Pittsburgh : (Big East)
14. Texas: (Big XII)
15. Wake Forest: (ACC)
16. Villanova: (Big East)
17. Davidson*: (Southern)
18. Gonzaga*: (WCC)
19. Wisconsin: (Big Ten)
20. Baylor: (Big XII)
21. St. Mary's: (WCC)
22. Marquette: (Big East)
23. Xavier*: (Atlantic 10)
24. West Virginia: (Big East)
25. Florida: (SEC)
26. Kansas: (Big XII)
27. Drake*: (MVC)
28. Virginia Tech: (ACC)
29. Southern California: (Pac 10)
30. San Diego State*: (MWC)
31. Charlotte: (Atlantic 10)
32. Clemson: (ACC)
33. South Carolina: (SEC)
34. Virginia Commonwealth*: (CAA)
35. Auburn: (SEC)
36. Miami (OH): (MAC)
37. Washington: (Pac 10)
38. UNLV: (MWC)
39. Miami-Florida: (ACC)
40. Providence: (Big East)
41. Texas A&M: (Big XII)
42. Old Dominion: (CAA)
43. Cleveland State*: (Horizon)
44. UAB: (Conference USA)
45. Temple: (Atlantic Ten)
46. Siena*: (MAAC)
47. Kentucky: (SEC)
48. Creighton: (MVC)
49. Washington State: (Pac 10)
50. South Alabama*: (Sun Belt)
51. Ohio State: (Big Ten)

Most likely to move up into this group would Syracuse of the Big East.
Most likely to drop up out of this group (to the NIT) would be Ohio State. OSU will probably be deadlocked for 4th place in the Big 10, and really shouldn't get in, but after making a lot of noise after being left out of the NCAA's and then winning the NIT last spring, the Buckeyes have a trump card other teams don't.

Additional thought:
I know that it's a bit boring to pick North Carolina, but they've been really excellent as long as they've had Lawson & Hansbrough, and that should continue. With a healthy Bobby Frasor and a couple of big freshmen, they'll have the depth to push through obstacles they couldn't last season. Also, with Lawson and maybe a freshmen shot-blocker to help shore up the inside defense, they could be at another level entirely than the rest of the country. If Hansbrough or Lawson fall to an injury, I could see UCLA's combination of talent and experience finally breaking through to get a championship after being a regular presence at the Final Four these last few years.


At 4:41 PM, Blogger Tim said...

You don't think Michigan gets to any postseason play at all?

At 4:05 PM, Blogger Indiana Fan said...

Yeah, sorry. I don't believe in Michigan quite yet. I could see them beating out Penn State for a CBI spot if they manage stay even, but given that PSU was a better team last year than Michigan even without Geary Claxton, I can't see Michigan jumping PSU now that you've lost Ekpe Udoh. Udoh was a difference-maker in the paint, even if he didn't truly fit in Beilien's schemes. Unless frosh center Cronin is the second coming of... Greg Oden? ...I have a hard time seeing Manny Harris being effective enough in conference games (shot selection & turnovers being the big drawbacks) to help DeShawn Sims win enough conference games to qualify for a postseason.
I do think Gibson will have a decent year, but I think your coach is a year away from really working his magic.

At 9:17 PM, Blogger nickjulian said...

um i waz thinkin MARYLAND.. we hav been thr da last 2 seasons and won a national championship and have an all star coach.. the media are just all haters and don't giv much credit to the guys at maryland.


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