Monday, October 13, 2008

Tough being a Hoosier fan

Ouch. I'd like to apologize for suggesting that IU Men's Soccer just might be championship caliber this year, as I've clearly just given the team the biggest jinx whammy since, well, since I saw "This is our year!" Cubs posters all around Chicago. Oops!

I can claim no such credit for the IU football squad tho. I was pretty sure that IU football was in for a rough year, and all Kellen Lewis has done is show how special the shorter Antwaan Randle-El was in 1) not turning over the ball despite running the option waaaay more than Lewis and 2) not getting hurt and crippling the team's offense.

IU Men's basketball is of course still awaiting word on what sanctions should be handed out. And honestly, there should be something but it should be fairly light- no postseason and the loss of a scholarship for a year, maybe two. I won't agree with say, Gregg Doyel and plead that too much damage has already been done to the Hoosiers, as I do think that the NCAA has to mete out some punishment. But it really shouldn't be as bad as the punishments to Kentucky or SMU back in the day for buying players.


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