Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jordan Crawford now gone, too

Well, what was shaping up to be a rough year for the Hoosier men's team looks a lot rougher now. Jordan Crawford announced he was leaving, wiping out the whole of last year's roster. I know Crean wanted to clean house, but man! I'd be a little afraid if he were my house-cleaner.

Well, the onus of success is fully on Crean now. He will have no "Sampson players" or lingering culture around from now on. He'll have to win on his own, he'll have to win clean (as the accountability dept. is restructuring for , oh-I-don't-know, actual oversight?), and I'm afraid he'll have to win soon. If he doesn't get at least to the NIT by 2010 -which may be a tall order with the current batch of talent- IU may face getting stuck in a losing spiral of top recruits not coming because it's not a place where games are being won. Indiana will probably be fine, in the long run, but Crean's got to show exactly how good of a coach he is, and soon. At least expectations are low for next season.

Next year will be rough for Hoosier fans. If you're still watching the games at the end of the season, you will know that you are a true Hoosier fan.


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