Monday, May 19, 2008

Couple of thoughts

6-10 Maurice Sutton sounds 50-50 for committing to Indiana, and honestly, it would be good for IU just have a 6-10 body on the roster, but I've heard (unfavorable) comparisons to Eli Holman that make me a little worried about how much this kid will be able to help. Still, right now, despite the late pick-up of preferred walk-on 6-5 Broderick Lewis, the Hoosiers only have two guys who are even 6-8 on the roster for next year, and only 6-7 Kyle Taber has any experience at banging in the lane in Big Ten games.

Big Ten:
I just saw something that made think Bruce Weber's really losing it, as he evidently refused to give a MVP award to this year's basketball squad. I mean, sure, it was a disappointing year for the Illini with lots of unfortunate losses, but not even a fare-thee-well to one of the departing seniors? So, I'm thinking, that's it, Weber's cooking his own goose with team chemistry, and then I see this.

"The Illinois men's basketball team is the lone Big Ten Conference program to be honored this year. Bruce Weber's squad has earned the Public Recognition Award each of the three years it has been in existence."

Three years in a row? Weber must be doing something right to keep his guys achieving academically through success or failure. I didn't think I'd be saying this anytime soon, but... good on you, Coach Weber.

My way too-early rankings are sure gonna change after the draft. Ohio State's gonna drop a little with Koufos, and Texas takes a big hit losing DJ Augustin. The only major questions I have right now is whether North Carolina's Ty Lawson or UCLA's Westbrook stays or goes. Really, I think these are the two teams right now that can stop Duke for the title, but if those guards go...


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