Monday, May 05, 2008

The clouds behind the silver lining

I've seen a lot of Hoosier love for kicking those kids off the team, and yeah, good on Crean for backing Dakich, but I do feel it was a little bit of a dick move to wait until the last day of finals to kick out the three players. I mean, no one got hurt, the players had to study and it does ultimately benefit them, but using the players' desire to get back on the team and make them achieve a passing/non-scholarship killing score for the semester to kick them out on the day that they achieve it... well, I can understand why Holman threw a potted plant and transferred as well.

Of course, it's probably good for all involved, as the players can transfer in good academic standing, Crean preserves his scholarship, and cleans house while throwing some red meat to the fans desperate to see some discipline after Sampson's shenanigans & Davis' soft hand. But to say next year is going to be a rough year for IU basketball is an understatement. Crean has to get recruits to turn it all around ASAP, or a few losing seasons could start a bad spiral.

In other Big Ten news, Ekpe Udoh is transferring from Michigan, Kosta Koufos is hiring an agent, and Tony Freeman is leaving Iowa. Black Heart Gold Pants gives a perplexed good bye, a sort of good riddance due to Freeman's high TO rate. I'll say this, tho, that loss hurts Iowa, dropping them from a probable postseason (NIT/CBI) to a solid losing season. Freeman was one of the better point guards the last two years in the Big Ten, and the Hawkeyes were much better team with Freeman last season than the first 9 or so games without him.
This is all part of the new college basketball landscape, but the Big Ten lost three solid contributers recently, not even to mention the booted Hoosiers.


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