Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A short entry

I'm looking forward to the best weeks of the year, and all the crazy unexpected, bracket-busting stuff that'll happen to make me think I actually know nothing about this game.

I do like how everyone's picking Arkansas to give UNC a run. Indiana's clearly a superior team, the defenses are similar, but IU's got an offense, and Arkansas... has a mediocre offense. The key for IU will be to not turn the ball over. And then have fun against the Tarheels. It should be a fun weekend, at least I hope it is. I like what John Gasaway said about the poor DJ White: "What more can possibly befall D.J. White in his career at Indiana? White provides that rarest of cases where the NBA actually promises to give a player a newfound sense of structure and stability." It's a deserved indictment of Indiana getting a #8 seed. But a lot of folks over at the ESPMSM think IU's quit, put a fork in 'em. I don't think so.

I watched UAB at VCU tonight, and it was vintage Mike Davis. His team was loose, well-spaced, and played with a confidence that allowed them to make big plays (perhaps ill-advised plays) to seemingly put the game away (up 9 with 1:32 left, I think), and then somehow made it all hang on a last second three-pointer that could've sent it into overtime. I don't know if he just doesn't have a plan for when things get crazy, but it's obvious Davis likes the game and his players like him, but he just can't make in-game adjustments. Mike, I liked you, and while I can't say I miss you, I do hope you're happy at UAB.

Oh, boo to IU for announcing the search committee this week. What, the team didn't have enough distractions that Greenspan had to rub it in? I won't be shedding any tears when the Hoosiers get a new AD.


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