Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cruel fate

Indiana beats Purdue 77-68, DJ White comes back from an injury to post 19 & 14, and the Hoosiers seem to be rounding into form just as Kelvin Sampson appears likely to be suspended. It appears likely that Danny Dakich will be coaching at Northwestern on Saturday. How does the team respond to whatever news comes out on Friday? I don't know. I'm totally mystified. I would've expected a slump in one of the most difficult stretches of the Hoosier schedule, but the adversity seems to have brought the team together. Does this continue if Sampson is suspended or fired? It seems unlikely, but it also seemed unlikely the Hoosiers would go through this stretch of play (at Illinois, at Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Purdue) and only come out with one loss that just as easily could've been a win.

In any case, Indiana's finally looking like they could win a few games. This may be the most perplexing season I've ever watched.


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