Monday, February 25, 2008

Big Ten Bloggers' Poll: Vacation edition

I've actually been away from the internet, thus my lack of comments about the resignation of Sampson (best possible scenario) and new coach Danny Dakich (welcome!) and IU's narrow win at Northwestern (whew). So my poll this week is going to pretty bare-bones. There's a bit of a knot at the top: Wisconsin swept Indiana, Indiana won its only match-up with Purdue, and Purdue swept Wisconsin. Wisconsin gets top billing for now due to a nice win at Ohio State and for possessing the BXI's best efficiency margin. Indiana's at the bottom of the three due to an unsteady environment and being the most likely to falter down the stretch as next weekend's game at MSU looks like a guaranteed loss.

1. Wisconsin (13-2)
The most methodical team and best bet for the regular season, but I don't think they'll do that well in the postseason tourneys.

2. Purdue (12-2)
I still think Purdue is most likely of the top four to suffer an inexplicable loss, but I've been saying that all year. Etwuan Moore scores, but it is Rob Hummel who's carrying this team to a championship.

3. Indiana (12-2)
I'll say this, the Hoosiers keep pulling out wins despite the circumstances.

4. Michigan State (10-4)

5. Minnesota (7-7)
Sure, OSU is probably better, but Minnesota may be getting it together, while the Buckeyes appear to be stalling.

6. Ohio State (8-6)
NCAA chances slipping away.

7. Michigan (5-10)

8. Iowa (5-10)

9. Penn State (4-10)

10. Illinois (3-12)

11. Northwestern (0-14)


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