Saturday, March 29, 2008

Big Ten walloped! New Coach at IU?

So, I watched a little of the Wisconsin and Michigan State games, and wow! Two spankings handed out to the Big Ten's last surviving teams. MSU can feel okay about next year, as Memphis has been great all year long, and the Sparties managed to show some gumption in clawing back, although they still lost by 18. Wisconsin getting humiliated by Davidson, tho? I had been looking Wisconsin's season over, and had just been starting to doubt my pick of Kansas over them to the Final Four. Now I'm wondering if I underrated Davidson by only picking them for the Sweet 16! However, I'm not going to deride the Big Ten. The NCAA tourney is capricious, and the Big Ten did okay for itself. Now, if UNC will just lose...

Possibly IU has made an offer, although the rumored candidate (Tony Bennett) appears to be denying it. I think Tony Bennett would be a good hire, but I just don't know. I don't oppose any of the rumored candidates, and I'd love to get excited about Hoosier basketball again, but I think it'll be a little while before the ceiling is as high as it was for this last season.

IU women lost in the NIT, but honestly it was a pretty decent year for the women's team. And the only loss for next year is senior Nikki Smith, who was a good perimeter presence, and will be missed. Nonetheless, the IU women may have a good shot at getting to the NCAA tourney next season as they are returning a good core of talent and playmakers.

As I watch the remaining weekend's games that will determine the men's final four, I've come to root against Memphis (Joey Dorsey is a serious ass-villain), root against UNC, and I'm still rooting for Kansas & UCLA. Which of course, leads me to expect Memphis to triumph over UNC in the championship game.


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