Friday, March 21, 2008

And the season comes to this...

A Friday Night Lights match-up with 9 seed Arkansas.

Looking at the Basketball State preview, it really looks like the Razorbacks defense is as good as the Hoosiers', but their offense leaves something to be desired. And despite the fooferah in the press about the pressure defense, Arkansas doesn't really force that many turnovers. They actually look pretty similar to the Hoosiers, statistically, relying on an athletic perimeter and a shot-blocking center, and just winning rebounds. I don't think Arkansas is as good as UConn, but this game may be pretty similar. IU was doing okay until DJ missed a couple of wide-open jumpers that he usually sticks, and then things unraveled. If DJ can either hit those jumpers or just get the Razorbacks in a bit of foul trouble, the IU offense should be fine. Arkansas, like UConn, is mostly not very good shooting the longball, so stopping dribble penetration will be paramount on defense.

I think the keys for the Hoosiers in this game will be:
*not coughing up unforced turnovers
*DJ White's ability to operate against a big frontline
*stopping dribble penetration.

Honestly, it just depends on the Hoosier players. If they want to execute, they should be in a very good position to win the game and face UNC on Sunday.
C'mon Hoosiers- Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose!


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