Thursday, June 19, 2008

Scheduled Outage fast approaching!

Or so says blogger. Anyway, I'll make this quick. I was happy to see the Celtics win the championship in six (and not just because I called it), and I love Ray Allen's offensive game when he's on. It's like watching Reggie Miller if Reggie had possessed the handles to beat guys off the bounce. But it was great watching the sheer emotion of the Boston Celtics and their fans, and it was also good to see hustle and defense get rewarded. I thought the best play of the series was from Paul Pierce, who'd just asked to guard Kobe (who does that?), and then came out and blocked Kobe's jumper. That's a rare play, and when you're able to block guys' jumpers, it starts getting into their head. A deserved Finals MVP.

Not a whole lot happening in College basketball other than some of the college players returning from draft flirtations. Mostly, it means that North Carolina should be far and away the favorites for the title, and anything less should be a huge disappoint for the Tarheels. Looking over Andy Katz & Joey Lunardi's predictions, I'm a little mystified by the love for Pittsburgh. #2 overall? A #1 seed? I can see a top ten ranking, if Mike Cook does indeed come back, but Pitt would still have to replace some quality guards - in particular four-year starter Ronald Ramon- who did a great job of setting the table for the offense. In other Big East news, Coach Calhoun may be bumping Stanley Robinson, which is a bigger loss than it might seem even from losing Robinson's 10.4ppg/6.5rpg/1.3bpg. Robinson was also the team's best three-point shooter in percentage, and hit more threes than Craig Austrie or Jerome Dyson. His ability to extend the defense and hit the glass made it hard for teams to zone UConn. Now that AJ Price is the best shooter on the team and the principal playmaker, UConn might see a lot more zone this season, and suffer for it if Robinson does leave.


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