Thursday, November 06, 2008

Basketball Season almost upon us

Well, I was going to try to recreate last year's full-blown preview, but I may have to defer and just throw out my predictions without any real exposition. I'll still do the standard Top 50, Auto-bids, NIT, & CBI calls. My Big Ten picks will wait until the Power Polls start back up, as I'll have plenty to say then.

I've got nothing really to say about IU Football, other than the win they shouldn't have gotten against Northwestern was quickly balanced out by losing to Central Michigan, which should never happen. Is that the second MAC team the Hoosiers have lost to this year?

Indiana Men's Soccer has been wildly inconsistent, and was just humiliated at Penn State after looking like they were starting to put it together. On the up side (?) they'll be playing top-10 Northwestern. On the down side, they've done very poorly against Big 10 foes, which makes it unlikely that they'll be able to rescue the season with a Big 10 tournament championship. If they beat Northwestern, they'll have a strong case for making the NCAA tourney as an at-large. If not.... it's looking pretty shaky.


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