Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why it's hard to be a Hoosier Fan & Football Fan

See Indiana-Purdue this afternoon. Um, a couple of thoughts.
It was a bad season for the Hoosiers in terms of injuries, sure. But growing up in Southern Indiana, it was a lot easier to go into Bloomington to watch the men's basketball & soccer teams than the football team. I appreciated Bill Mallory's mid-90's squads full of gutsiness and defense, but IU football is almost always outmanned.

Michigan lost to Duke, and it was just a case of bad-match-up between a zone team and shooters. But Duke also handled the pressure and created a lot of their own. Michigan has a shot at the postseason, but I still wonder about their post play and their point guard (altho' Stu Douglass is providing some unexpected solid guard play). But it was a great win over UCLA, wherever they go from here.


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