Thursday, January 01, 2009

Big Ten pre-conference Player efficiency ratings

My preconference player efficiency per-game and per-possession ratings are posted.

The Big Ten season is off to an interesting start, but I've been scrolling through the old DVR'd games of IU getting blown out earlier this season. It makes for a depressing slog, and as I note in my "school reviews" section of the player ratings, the Hoosiers don't have a lot of options this season. I guess Steven Gambles getting eligible is good news, as he dominated the rebounding in exhibition games, but even if he's AJ Moye... well, actually, if he's the new AJ Moye that would be a lot better than what we have to work with right now, outside of Pritchard. But he's not. I hope IU can just jump on a sleeping Iowa team to get a win in early, but since they just lost a narrow one at Ohio State, it seems likely they'll be looking sharp in order to get their first win as well.


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