Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Basketball returns! ...kinda

The NBA kicked off last night, and I don't have a lot invested in the pros. I generally root for Chicago and Indiana, and root against the Lakers (well, more specifically, against Kobe), but I do like to see the highlights. Unless they interfere with college basketball highlights of course.

A friend of mine always puts together his predictions, and I try to counter them with my own much-less informed version. So, in the spirit of witless prognostication, here's my picks for the NBA 2009-2010 season:


1. Boston- Presuming a healthy KG. Good talent, Wallace was a nice pick-up, but KG is the real key.
2. Cleveland- I don't think Shaq will hurt them over the season. I just don't think he helps them get further in the playoffs.
3. Orlando- Good talent, but I'm thinking Vince Carter is on the downside of his career.
4. Atlanta- Lots of young talent remains, but have they reached their ceiling?
5. Washington- Have a good starting five, but pretty thin on depth.
6. Chicago- I like the Bulls' young talent. I worry about the interior offense, tho.
7. Miami- D-Wade is as good as they come, and JO & Beasley should help.
8. Philly- Lose Andre Miller but gain Elton Brand. Spinning their wheels.

Indiana- Improving with a lot of good young talent (Granger, Ford, Rush). Probably one good starter away from the playoffs.
Pistons- There's no respect for history in the NBA. Gordon's a weird pick-up when you already have Hamilton. And they were 39-43 last season.
Nets- Good backcourt, but that's it. Nothing else here is scary.
Knicks -Chris Duhon starting at point? Puh-lease. NY is mired in mediocrity.
Toronto- Bosh will probably be traded, and there's not a lot else to like.
Milwaukee- I don't think much of this team. Will probably hang around 30 wins
Charlotte- The young guys are going to get a lot of minutes. Losing Okafor hurts *a lot*


1. LA Lakers- You just can't pick anyone else.
2. New Orleans- Okafor a very nice pickup- adds offense that Chandler couldn't supply.
3. San Antonio- getting old. Duncan & Parker are still top-notch, tho. A healthy Ginobili is a must.
4. Portland- on the way up, and if Oden holds up and continues to improve, could be top-three.
5. Denver- very good with Carmelo at the top of his game. But I don't believe Billups, Martin will get better.
6. Utah- There's still good talent here, but have they topped out?
7. Dallas- also getting old, and not as good as Spurs
8. Phoenix- makes playoffs if Stoudemire, et al, stays healthy

LA Clippers- Blake Griffin is the real deal, especially with a Baron Davis-Eric Gordon backcourt
Memphis- They are rebuilding, and have hope for the future
Golden State- May get closer to playoffs if they can put the drama aisde, but
just not quite there.
Minnesota- Johnny Flynn helps. Still not enough power to make any
noise in the west tho.
Oklahoma City- not super-terrible.... just not anywhere near good.
Sacramento- not going anywhere good
Houston- injuries are devastating this squad

Just to be contrary, I'll pick Celtics over Lakers again for the championship. It didn't work out last season, but it did two seasons ago.


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