Monday, October 26, 2009

Full 20009-2010 Preseason Prognostication

So, once again I've listed my quick thoughts on teams 1-50, and slapped together a list of conference winners, a projected NIT field, and a list of sleepers that might attend the CBI or whatever other postseason tourneys there are. It's a grand total of 120 teams that I think will be better than the other 200, a little more in depth than last year, but not so much as I've done in the past. Astute readers will notice that my beloved Indiana Hoosiers are not among the illustrious 120. Consider them #121. I was pessimistic about the Hoosiers' chances last season, and was even moreso after seeing them in action. I'm probably a little pessimistic about the Hoosiers' chances this year too, but I think they'll look much better while again posting a losing overall record, with maybe an outside shot of getting to exactly .500. But enough about just one team- Here's to beginning of the College Basketball Season!

Teams 1-10
Teams 11-20
Teams 21-30
Teams 31-40
Teams 41-51
NCAA Automatic Bid Winners (teams 52-65)
NIT teams (66-97)
CBI & sleeper teams (98-120)


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