Thursday, August 19, 2010

Final 2010 Big Ten Effiiciency ratings

The efficiency ratings for 117 players, Big Ten games only, are done. There wasn't a ton of difference from my early ratings, but it is interesting to see who bounced back after rough starts the conference season, etc. This year, I chose 3 possessions per game as my over/under line for inclusion as there were a lot less statistical outliers than usual.

The ratings can be found here. My team-by-team thoughts and top 15's an be found here.

Evan Turner was quite clearly player of the year, even though Draymond Green had the highest per-possession efficiency rating in the conference. And Robbie Hummel was in the conversation as well despite having his season cut short by injury. I would go with Hummel for player of the year next season, unless he's not fully recovered. Rounding the all-conference first team for 2011 would be Demetri McCamey, William Buford, and Jon Leuer.

Freshman of the Year I would award to Drew Crawford, who got a lot of minutes on an up-and-coming Northwestern team. Still, I really don't see how DJ Richardson got the FOY award. I mean, he ranked third in per-possession efficiency among freshmen on his own team! Richardson could shoot threes, but really didn't add anything else while he was on the floor. Teammate Tyler Griffey did have the highest per-possession ranking among freshmen, but didn't get a lot of minutes. Minnesota's Rodney Williams, Michigan State's Derrick Nix, and Indiana's Derek Elston were some of the other freshmen to watch.

Overall, after crunching the numbers, I feel lot more confident about Indiana's ability to win more games next season, about Michigan State's title (national & conference) chances, and Penn State's NIT chances. I also now think Northwestern, Ohio State, and Minnesota are all in a very close group for the final NCAA tourney bids. I'm a lot less sure which of the those three is going to go the NIT than I was before looking over the efficiency statistics.