Monday, January 23, 2006

Picks for CBBA top 25 & What happened last week

CBBA poll 1/16-1/23

1. Connecticut
2. Memphis
3. Duke
4. Texas
5. Villanova
6. West Virginia
7. Gonzaga
8. Florida
9. Indiana
10. Tennessee
11. Illinois
12. George Washington
13. Pittsburgh
14. Syracuse
15. Nevada
16. Michigan State
17. UCLA
18. North Carolina St.
19. Ohio State
20. Washington
21. Wisconsin
22. Oklahoma
23. Northern Iowa
24. Xavier
25. Georgetown

Also Receiving Votes: (from my other personalities, I guess)

Arizona, Boston College, Cincinnati, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas St.,
Louisville, Maryland, North Carolina, UAB

What Happened Last Week

1. Duke W v. NCSU, L at Georgetown

The unbeatens all fall, and Georgetown gets the lead with their Princeton offense, and keeps it by breaking the Devils' press. Not faulting the Devils, just a really great game by Georgetown.

2. Connecticut W at Syracuse, W at Louisville
3. Memphis W v. Tenn., W at S. Miss.
4. Texas W v. Texas Tech, W v. Baylor
5. Villanova W v. Seton Hall, W v. Syracuse

The rest of My top 5 fares well.

6. Florida W Savannah St., L at Tenn.

What is Florida doing playing Savannah State? I'm guessing Billy Donovan didn't think his club would be doing so well and placed a sure win at the beginning of the conference schedule to give his guys a confidence boost.

7. West Virginia W Providence, W at UCLA

Wow. The win at Pauley Pavilion shows I may have underrated them by quite a bit, but I'm betting the rest of country didn't even had them as high as #11.

8. Gonzaga W v. Loyola Marymount, W at San Diego

Hitting the winner to escape from San Diego should do a lot for Erroll Knight's confidence, and with him back, this is a legit Final Four contender.

9. Illinois L at IU, W at NU
10. Pittsburgh W at Rutgers, L at St. John's
11. Tennessee L at Memphis, W v. Florida

This group all registered good wins and tough losses. Bruce Pearl is looking like he's the real deal, and with a weak SEC could stockpile a really good record. But we'll reserve judgment on breaking the Tennesse curse (where good coaches reputations' are ruined) for now.

12. Syracuse L v. UConn, L at Villanova

On one hand, you can't fault the Orangemen, but on the other, this week rather answers the question of Syracuse being Final Four calibur.

13. Indiana W v. Ill., W v. Purdue

A great week for the Hoosiers, but on the other hand, they just won two home games.

14. Nevada L at Fresno St.

Nevada not piling up the wins they need to keep an at-large bid locked up. They better turn it around, quick.

15. UCLA W v. USC, L v. WVU

The Bruins' being the best team in the Pac-10 doesn't bode well for the conference. This would've been a great rpi win for them, but instead it may ensure the Pac-10 only gets 3 bids.

16. George Washington W v. Stony Brook, W at Charlote

Big win for GW at Charlotte. Pretty much ensures the 'Niners are NIT-bound, short of a conference-tourney win.

17. Wisconsin L at OSU, L v. NDSU

What a week for this club. Putting the bad in the Badgers. Loss at Buckeyes predictable, but at home versus North Dakota State? Wow. That's an RPI (& NCAA seeding) killer.

18. Michigan State W v. Iowa

Of course the Spartans won against Iowa at home, but a 30-point win against a ranked team is always impressive. MSU rounding into shape.

19. North Carolina St. L at Duke, W v. Wake F.

Hung tough at Duke before downing the Deacons. All in all, a pretty decent week.

20. Ohio State W v. Wisconsin, W at PSU

Nice recovery for OSU after home loss to Michigan State. Knocking off Big Ten leader Wisconsin before winning on the road (albeit against Penn State) makes for upward movement in the rankings.

21. Washington W at Ore. St., W v. Oregon

Good wins at Oregon schools, but real test is current 3-game road stretch with Cal and Stanford awaiting this week.

22. Xavier W v. Cincy, L v. St. Louis

Would have moved up if not for home loss to St. Louis. Must recover at Temple and then home against Dayton.

23. Iowa W at Minn., L at MSU

Did what they needed to in splitting road games, but losing by 30 to Michigan State could trigger one the famed Coach Alford conference-spirals. Must get redemption with home wins over Indiana and Ohio State.

24. Oklahoma W v. Texas Tech

Hold off Texas Tech at home, but that's not really impressive. What's better is the return of Mike Neal, who is essential to the offense.

25. Louisville L at St. John's, L v. UConn -OUT

Home loss to Connecticut and loss at St. John's doesn't provide any answers. Can no longer rest on reputation of last year's team.

Others on the watch:

Arizona, W v. Stanford, W v. Cal.
Boston College, W v. Holy Cross, W at Miami
Cincinnati, L at Xavier, W v. Rutgers
Colorado, W v. Baylor, W at Okla. St.
Maryland, W v. VT
Nebraska, L v. Iowa State, L t Kansas
North Carolina, L at Virginia, W at Florida State
Northern Iowa, W v. SIU, W v. Drake
Southern Illinois, L at N. Iowa, L at Mizz.St.
Vanderbilt L. v. South Carolina, W Miss. St.

Air Force L at New Mexico
Akron W v. EMU
Bucknell W v. Colgate
Creighton W v. Bradley
Kansas St. W v. Mizzou
UAB W at Rice, W v. Houston
Georgetown W v. S. Florida, W v. Duke
Michigan W at Minn.


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