Sunday, September 03, 2006

Updating from the lovely island of O'ahu

Just to show my dedication, even on vacation. Also, I'm sick. Figures.

First, IU Basketball Recruiting:
The Hoosiers lost out of 6-1 Jeff Teague, but that may turn out to be okay after a weekend visit from Eric Gordon and Chicago prospect Derrick Rose. Gordon's still Illinois' boy for now, but it's obvious he's not the most enthusiastic recruit Bruce Weber's ever landed. Rose has made no mention, but a talented point guard would be nice to have after next year as after Calloway & Suhr graduate, that will leave only incoming freshman Armon Bassett at the position.

Sampson did pick up a nice recruit in 6-9 center Elijah Holman. Holman is only 210, which may not sound like a center, but he's got a wingspan of 7-7 and averaged 10 blocked shots last season. It sounds like the NBA body that scouts drool over. I think the Hoosiers have two scholarships left to give for the next recruiting class.

Graduating: Calloway, Wilmont, Suhr
NBA Early Entry?: DJ White
(7) Returning: AJ Ratliff, Ben Allen, Mike White, Lance Stemler, Joey Shaw, Armon Bassett, Xavier Keeling
(3) Incoming Frosh: McGee, Ellis, Holman

So, even if DJ returns, IU should have 2 open scholarships out of 13 available to offer. Gordon, Rose, we'd happy to have you both.

IU football wins in its opener, but still the season outlook is not great.

The US men's Basketball teams wins in its final game over Argentina to claim the medal... the bronze medal. Sigh. But this had a different feel than the last few outings. This felt like the US team was a competitor this time, and just got caught wrong-footed against Greece. Not like the previous incarnations in which the US couldn't figure how to execute or defend or even hit its free-throws. As much as I hate Duke, I think the US should keep Coach K on the bench for the 2008 olympics.

IU Soccer:
Hoosier soccer is off to a nice start with wins over then no.8 Creighton and UAB, and then settled for a tie with No.2 Connecticut after outshooting 17-3. Mike Freitag has seemingly kept the IU program rolling with no noticeable lapse after the retirement of the best coach IU ever had in any sport, paragon Jerry Yeagley.

Loss to rival Notre Dame again, 5-4 in overtime. Unbelievable. 5 goals allowed? I don't know when the last time that happened. I don't envy the defense this next week in practice.


At 7:37 AM, Blogger Ben Fulton said...

That was the first time an IU soccer team has ever allowed five goals.

At 7:06 AM, Blogger Indiana Fan said...

Yeah, I thought it might be, but didn't want to state definitively.

Although to be fair, generally when any team, let alone the Hoosiers, have given up four goals in regulation, you don't get that chance to play in OT, and thereby give up that fifth goal.
But the only time I remember IU giving up four was the 1989 Final Four game against Santa Clara.

I don't think the defense will get too much hell from the coaching staff for the fifth goal, which seemed like a fluke, but that first one, from a turnover in the backfield? Ouch.


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