Wednesday, May 17, 2006

NBA watch

I watched Spurs done got homered in Game 4 at Dallas. It was pretty ridiculous, as every time the Spurs started pulling away, Timmy got whistled for a moving screen. And on a crucial play with Dallas driving to the bucket, Ole' TD was bent over double as Dampier (or Diop, whoever) had him in a half-nelson steering him away from helping. And San Antonio still almost won. But we'll see what happens, I don't much care. The only teams I really care about are the Bulls & Pacers, and they're both gone.

The NBA watch is actually about the Draft early entrants. Here's 10 to watch as to whether they sign an agent & stay in the draft or no:

1. Aaron Afflala & Jordan Farmar of UCLA
If one comes back, they're NCAA material, if neither, NIT. IF both come back, UCLA has to be a favorite for the Final Four.

2. Kyle Lowry of Villanova
With Curtis Sumpter returning and a good recruiting class, 'Nova could be a top NCAA seed if Lowry comes back.

3. Daniel Gipson & P.J. Tucker of Texas
Rick Barnes could lose more talent in this draft than any other coach. He's lost marcus Aldridge already (maybe not officially, but he has) and if he loses this duo, the Horns won't be Hooking anyone. If they both return, there's enough led by McDonald's All-Americans DJ Augustin & Kevin Durrant to hang around into the second weekend of the NCAA tourney.

4. J.R. Pinnock & Carl Elliott of George Washington
If GW's returning guards both go pro, it'll be a rough year for the Colonials. But if at least one comes back, then there is a good shot at a NCAA bid.

5. Aaron Gray of Pittsburgh
Gray is more likely to go pro, simply because of the shallower talent in this pool, and because "you can't teach height." If he does, Pitt drops almost certainly into the NIT (or worse). If Gray stays tho', the drop-off, despite losing Carl Krauser, is not that bad at all.

6. Ronnie Brewer of Arkansas
Brewer's almost certainly gone, and coach Stan Heath has (he hopes) replaced the versatile wing with the Nation's top Juco player, 6-6 Sonny Weems. But the Hogs' backcourt is oh-so-thin that having Weems & Brewer would balance out the big guys and provide another NCAA berth. Without Brewer, Arkansas is a bubble team.

7. Nick Fazekas of Nevada
Probably gone, but the Wolfpack would still be a contender for a top 25 ranking if Fazekas returns for his senior year.

8. Josh Boone of UConn
Coach Calhoun's got a nice recruiting class, but he needs Boone in the middle if they're gonna get back to the NCAA's.

9. Mustafa Shakur of Arizona
The Wildcats should still be a NCAA team even if Shakur leaves, but it's in his best interest to come back.

10. Leon Powe of California
With DeVon Hardin stepping, this may be the least important "to watch," but it could still mean the difference between being a bubble team again or moving forward to become a top 25 squad.

And This is funny.


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