Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Championship week!

Which I love! Can't get enough of. My wife asked me "who's playing" and I respond South Alabama versus Western Kentucky, and she looked at me like I've finally gone over the edge, caring about two teams she's never even heard of, why on earth would I have a stake in it?

Besides the fact I love to watch championship level college basketball games, I also picked South Alabama in the preseason to come out of the Sun Belt way back when in November, when many picked Western Kentucky, which looked pretty good until last night.

I also picked the other winners last night; Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Horizon champs) and Oral Roberts (Mid-Continent champs). So, it was a good night.

The other night I saw Gonzaga win over Loyola Marymount, and while I was rooting for Gonzaga (for also being a preseason pick and to not shrink available at-large bids in case IU flames out against Wisconsin), I gotta say I was unimpressed. The only reason they won that game (besides the missed lay-up at the end) was that they got every single call they could get down the stretch. LMU got homered, but it really bodes ill for the Zags. They've got the ranking, but they do not look like a #1 seed at all.

South Alabama looked mighty impressive, playing with energy and poise, showing good awareness in transition and some nice halfcourt sets. I guess the major problem for them is that the hot shooting they had going hasn't been around for most of the season. But they could be a major problem in the first round if they can keep rolling.

Big Ten Tourney about to start. I hope Davis can get his guys pissed about the loss at Wisconsin, and take it to a thin Badger squad. Here's a hope that they get the ball to Marshall Strickland in scoring position. He's not only been IU's most efficient scorer, but the one who has played the best in clutch situations.

Go Hoosiers!


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