Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mike Montgomery

Gregg Doyel, after saying some strange things about the MSU-IU game, reports today two pieces of good news for the Hoosiers.

1) Alford & Greenspan may have a less-than-friendly history

2) Former Stanford coach Mike Montgomery is interested in coaching Indiana. Considering the program Montgomery built at Stanford, basically out of nothing, he immediately jumps to the top of the list. Listen up, Hoosiers:

Get Mike Montgomery if you can!

Outside of the not-gonna-happen scenario of Thad Matta bringing a newly-freed Greg Oden & Mike Conley Jr. to Indiana with him, Montgomery is far and away the ideal candidate (yes, even beating a fictiously healthy Majerus). I don't care that he's West Coast, I don't care that he's not of the Knight coaching tree, I don't even care that his inside guys were a little nasty at times. He wins ballgames. Get him.

Speaking of the Alford-wanna-haves, Big Ten Wonk writes a pretty funny letter to the Hoosiers.


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