Thursday, February 16, 2006

Mike Davis out

Davis resigns, no longer Indiana Head Coach.
And I wish him well. And I think Big Ten wonk hit some of the right notes in talking about this.
But it was time Davis was gone.
Whether you believe he got a fair shake, or should've ever gotten a fair shake, I think everyone recognized that Davis and Indiana had to part ways.

So, this being one of George Bush's internets, let's start talking replacement, because what else can we do but talk?

Rick Pitino
Lateral move, secure at UL. Why Move?

Bob Huggins:
Please no. No more bullying jerks.

Steve Alford:
Covered it all below. No.

Quin Snyder
What, we're gonna take Missouri's rejects?

John Beilein
I guess he signed a seven-year contract extension with a buyout clause is reportedly $500,000 per season. With Six seasons left, that's a chunk o' change.

Mick Cronin
Who? Murray State? What? No.

Tom Crean
He's making good money at Marquette, and doing well. And do we want a Spartie?

Mike Anderson
He is good, he's doing well at UAB. But the Hoosier Nation may not want someone who's a longshot this season for the NCAA tourney.

Mark Few
West -coaster, just unlikely.

Dana Altman
He's a Midwest guy, yeah, an upgrade, yeah, but is it really something he would want?

Isaiah Thomas
131-115, 5-10 playoffs w/ Pacers

Danny Dakich
Hasn't done great at BGSU.

Jim Crews
Didn't do fantastic at Evansville. Got canned in fact.

Dane Fife
Maybe if he proves himself at IPFW. But that won't happen until after next year, at least. And too close to Mike Davis, probably, even though his coaching philosophy is much closer to Knight's.

Randy Wittman
62-102 at Cavs

Mike Woodson
13-69 w/ Atlanta

Keith Smart
9-31 w/Cavs

Quin Buckner
13-69 w/Mavs

Rick Majerus
He didn't take the USC job b/c of health concerns, and Missouri wants him, too. But he's a good coach who could capitalize on Indiana's traditional recruiting advantages, and he's so charismatic and witty he could endear himself to the Hoosier fans like few others. If any job could lure back him into coaching, it's IU.

Please add others in the comments if you can think of them.

Looking over the records from the Knight coaching Tree, outside of Kryzsewski, it seems that Alford is one of the best coaches (ouch!). I like Danny Dakich, and would be happy to give any of the old Knight guys a shot, but none of them have proven themselves, really. Right now my wish list goes:

1. Rick Majerus (given that the job doesn't actually kill him)
2. John Beilein (given enough cash to buy him out, if he would come to Bton)
3. Tom Crean (I would take a Spartie, I guess)
4. Isaiah Thomas (if IU could afford him)
5. Dane Fife (given that he runs a motion offense and if he could come off as not Davis' man)


At 10:25 AM, Blogger MennoDaddy said...

Would Hoosier Nation take a Sparty? I would, if it were Tom Crean. Let's face it -- the Heathcote/Izzo tree is much more distinguished right now than the Knight tree. Get Crean and you get a guy who knows the Big Ten, has Midwestern roots and recruiting base, a proven coaching record, and teaches solid, fundamental college basketball. I'd take Crean over just about everybody.

I like Majerus, too, but only if he has a hotshot, young associate head coach who will take over the program when Majerus leaves IU after five years for health reason.

At 2:15 PM, Blogger WeLoveCov said...

All I know is that I don't like Alford for the reasons you so stated yesterday.

I do like Majerus but like Mennodaddy worry about his health. Although maybe Fife would be ready by the time Majerus leaves. What is the book on him this year, its hard to get IPFW news where I live.

To me there is no "obvious" choice, but with a few other jobs and rumors of coaching moving IU could be part of a Roy-Self-Weber chain reaction. I do like Beilein, but why would he leave? Any success he has at WVU is gravy 'cause that is a football school. Same with Pearl at Tennessee - I would never leave that job if I was him. The expectations are so low that he has shown up and had a decent season and he is being absolutely feted in Volunteer country.

So, to sum up: please not Alford.

At 1:09 PM, Blogger Indiana Fan said...

Yeah, Majerus' health is a major issue. And Crean is pretty good. I would be happy with Crean, honestly.

Welovcov is right to point out that WVU & Tenn. are football schools first, but strangely the pressure does seem to turn on at Tennessee. Maybe because the women's program is so successful? I dunno. I do know that Pearl is enjoying a lot of success in his very first year, and is likely to get a phat extension if he wants it.

The book on Fife (according to me) is that his team isn't great, but he didn't inherit a powerhouse. New to Division I, IPFW is losing a lot of games, but is primed to be pretty good next year with just about everyone returning and a couple of nice transfers coming in. Fife may well have a lot of success at IPFW starting next year.

But IU needs a coach this year.


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