Friday, February 03, 2006

A bit of advice for tomorrow's game

Against Connecticut.

Let everyone except Rashad Anderson shoot from outside. He's the only player who's hitting over 33% on threes, at 44.3% (excepting 6-10 Hilton Armstrong's fluke 1-1).

I'm especially looking at whoever is guarding Rudy Gay. You want him shooting outside. Go Danny Dakich v. Michael Jordan: drop back 10-15 feet everytime he gets the ball.

Box out. BOX OUT. BOX OUT. Gay killed us last year with three tip-jams. Don't let him near the rim without paying a price.

Run some screens trying to get contact with Josh Boone and Hilton Armstrong. Maybe you get some home whistles, and then there'll be a world of difference for Marco in trying to score against those two vs. shooting over Jeff Adrien and Ed Nelson.

Maybe run some two or three point guards sets with Strickland and Monroe, and maybe Suhr rather than Calloway, to try to limit turnovers. Do NOT turn the ball over, and get back on every missed shot a la Northwestern to keep UConn from getting points off the break or secondary break.

The Huskies are very good, but I don't think they are a team that will beat you by running screens and shooting jumpers, like Duke did. Just limit their chances for points in transition or off offensive rebounds, and you'll have a very good shot of getting them at home. This will be the toughest road game that UConn will have played yet. Don't make it easy for them, hit your shots, limit their possessions, and control the game.

IU over UConn... Can it happen? Sure.
Will it? ....

Go Hoosiers!


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