Monday, January 23, 2006

Indiana beats Purdue

...which is always good. But this one, well, this one wasn't very fun. Because this is a Boilermaker club that I was happy to see scrapping it out and hanging with IU until late, because Matt Painter has been dealt such a terrible hand this season. Purdue will probably be a title contender next season with adding four starters that are out for this year, but it's hard to get too excited about a really ugly win.

Nobody had a really good game for IU. Robert Vaden took over when Killingsworth sat with foul trouble, and I love Vaden's newfound confidence in creating shots for himself. But you just kinda wince as he doesn't seem to elevate and you're just sure that he's going to get his shot blocked (notably on the three off the dribble over 6-10 Matt Keifer) , but no, it goes in. Marco posted some good numbers, but the lackluster defense inside is really worrying me.

On the upside, is there anything as good as seeing Wilmont getting the ball on the break, on the wing, for 3? You're just sure it's going in as soon as it leaves his hand. And Calloway is so fast. If he can spend the summer getting his frees and threes down, he'll be the no-questions-asked starter next year at point.

Why doesn't Ben Allen know how to play defense yet? I understand him maybe not grasping the offense, or making rookie mistakes, but it seems like the offense is what he gets. But big fella, keep your arms up straight, box out, and grab the rebound! Just doing that would be a help in filling the minutes alone, which is necessary with DJ out.

Game at Iowa tomorrow night, and they'll be hopping mad after MSU thumped them by 30. Look for the clamps to go on to Indiana's disadvantage, but if IU can pull it out, Iowa could go into the usual Stevie Big 10 tailspin.


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