Monday, January 30, 2006

CBBA poll & What Happened Last Week

1. Connecticut
2. Memphis
3. Duke
4. Villanova
5. Texas
6. Gonzaga
7. West Virginia
8. Tennessee
9. Illinois
10. Florida
11. George Washington
12. Pittsburgh
13. UCLA
14. Michigan State
15. Oklahoma
16. Northern Iowa
17. Georgetown
18. Iowa
19. North Carolina State
20. Ohio State
21. Colorado
22. Wisconsin
23. Boston College
24. Indiana
25. Nevada

The horde of demons in my head is also keeping an eye on:
Kansas State, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, San Diego State, Southern Illinois, Syracuse, UAB, Washington, Xavier

1. Connecticut W v. St. John's, W at Providence
2. Memphis W v. UAB, W v. UCF
3. Duke W v. VT, W v. Va.

Top three win, altho' Memphis loses frosh Kareem Cooper for rest of season.

4. Texas W v. Okla. St., L at Okla
5. Villanova W at S. FLorida, W at Notre Dame

No blame for Texas in losing to Oklahoma, but Villanova's so good, it's too much to defend keeping the 'Horns above them.

6. West Virginia L v. Marshall, W at St. John's
7. Gonzaga W at San Francisco, W v. Portland

Which of these clubs last longer in March? Probably WVU, but the loss to Marshall had to drop at least a spot.

8. Florida L at South Carolina, W v. Vandy

Loss at South Carolina no way to prove Final Four worthiness.

9. Indiana L at Iowa, L at Minnesota

Not so much blame in losing to these two, but only posting 42 points in loss will put blood in the water for the next few conference road games.

10. Tennessee W at Mississippi State, W v. South Carolina
11. Illinois W v. Minnesota, W v. Purdue
12. George Washington W at Duquesne, W v. Rhode Island
13. Pittsburgh W v. Syracuse, W v. Marquette

No eye-openers, but this crowd wins the games they were supposed to.

14. Syracuse L at Pittsburgh, L v. Seton Hall

The loss at Pitt was totally understandle, but at home to Seton Hall? They're out until proven otherwise.

15. Nevada L v. Utah State, W at Boise State

Nevada would be in the same boat as Syracuse, but they managed to win on the road. Still, the wolfpack gotta turn this season around in a hurry if they want to make the NCAA's.

16. Michigan State L at Michigan, W v. PSU

Loss at Michigan expected, but tough time with Penn State not at all expected, even sans Paul Davis.

17. UCLA W at Oregon, W at OSU

UCLA sweeps Oregon schools to untarnish reputation after laying an egg at home against West Virginia.

18. North Carolina St. L v. Seton Hall, W at Clemson

Speaking of laying an egg, if NCSU hadn't completely stunk against Seton Hall (who lost to Northwestern 44-42, I'll remind everyone) they'd be positioned for a top 10 slot.

19. Ohio State L at Iowa

Not a great week in losing at Iowa, but nothing to hit the panic button on.

20. Washington L at Cal., L at Stanford

Two road losses don't look good, but Washington's ability to play under pressure back in doubt.

21. Wisconsin W v. Penn St., L at Michigan

The loss at Michigan doesn't hurt nearly as much as loss of depth with freshmen Marcus Landry and Greg Stiesma being ruled academically inelegible.

22. Oklahoma W at Baylor, W v. Texas

Finally Oklahoma comes through with big win over Texas. Even more important may be the return of shooter Mike Neal, who creates the space to make the Sooners' offense go.

23. Northern Iowa W at Evansville, W at Drake

Two road wins in the MVC is becoming as rare as it is in the Big Ten.

24. Xavier L at Temple, W v. Dayton -OUT

Temple had a great week, but as much as the loss to the Owls, the narrow win at home over Dayton keeps Xavier just outisde the top 25.

25. Georgetown W at Notre Dame, W v. Cincinnati

Rocketing up the charts with solid road win in South Bend followed by spanking of weakening Cincy club.

New to the chart:

Boston College, Playing to potential finally with Wins at UNC and home v. Ga. Tech?
Colorado, Two home wins over Nebraska and KSU start to validate RPI standings.
Iowa, Nice bounceback with home wins against Indiana and Ohio State

Others making noise/losing steam:

Air Force W at UNLV
Akron L at Ohio, W v. Miami (OH)
Arizona, W at ASU, L at UNC
Bucknell W at Lehigh, W v. Navy
Cincinnati, L at Louisville, L at Georgetown
Creighton L at Southern Illinois, W v. Wichita State
Kansas St., L at Colorado
Louisville, W v. Cincy, L at Rutgers
Maryland, W at GT, L at Temple
Michigan W v. Mich. St., W v. Wisconsin
North Carolina, L v. BC, W v. Arizona
Ohio W at Akron, L at Buffalo
San Diego State W v. New Mexico, W at Wyoming
Southern Illinois, W v. Creighton, W at Illinois State
UAB L at Memphis, W v. S. Miss.
Vanderbilt L at Florida
Wichita St. W v. Drake, L at Creighton


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