Thursday, February 09, 2006

It came to this

IU loses at Wisconsin.

For Mike Davis, roaring down the stretch, or at the very least, making a lot of post-season noise is all that may save his job.

What else can I say?

How 'bout this: Imagine what kind of record Bo Ryan would notch with this Hoosier squad's talent. Or Tom Izzo. Or Bruce Weber. And Weber and Izzo recruit at least as well as Davis, if not consistently better.
With the programs of Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Illinois rising and Michigan State looking solid, and Purdue looking stacked for next year at least, the near future doesn't look much brighter.
Does IU really want to be annually competing with the likes of Penn State, Minnesota, and Iowa to get out of the NIT? Is 8-8 in the Big Ten good enough?


At 11:28 PM, Blogger The Taco From Indiana said...

How about Isiah Thomas?

After his stint in GMing (new verb), I think he could use a break. Especially after trading A.Davis to the Raptors (where he did not want to go) to get Jalen Rose who did not get along with Thomas when he coached the Pacers, or with Larry Brown. Isiah has a great two year stint at IU (not sure where he ended up finishing his degree) and a decent coaching record in the NBA 131-115 (.532).
Of course he would make IU the thugs of college basketball, and I am not sure anyone wants to see that. Well anyone name The Taco that is.

At 11:36 PM, Blogger The Taco From Indiana said...

BTW, can this be right?

This shows SIX teams in the Big 10 (11 really) are in the top 25. I just checked the AP poll. Man it feels good to be in a tough conference again.

Iowa (18) 7-3 18-6
Illinois (10) 6-3 20-3
Michigan (22) 6-3 16-4
Michigan St. (12) 6-3 18-5
Ohio St. (19) 5-3 16-3
Wisconsin 6-4 16-7
Indiana (24) 5-4 13-7
Northwestern 4-6 11-10
Penn St. 3-7 11-10
Minnesota 2-7 11-9
Purdue 2-9 8-14

At 9:24 AM, Blogger Indiana Fan said...

Hey, I gave some thought to Isaiah after I wrote that post, and I've seen Isaiah at the Indiana-Purdue game after Knight was fired (he sat right behind the bench).
In fact, Davis snubbed Keady's post-game handshake to welcome Thomas, and Thomas was literally giving Mike the head nod towards Keady like "Hello? Post-game handshake?"
Thomas wouldn't be all that bad, and might be a better recruiter than Davis, but I'm not sure the fans would get behind him, as I think Davis has scared everyone of anything sounding like "pro offense."
But Thomas' flex offense was pretty sweet in his last year with the Pacers. Too bad they crashed and burned, but all the bad luck year after year is starting to make me think that is on J.O., he is just not a winner.

I'll talk about the Big Ten in my next post.


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