Monday, February 06, 2006

Cbba Poll and WHLW

My Latest for the College Basketball Bloggers' Association Poll.
It was a feast for the teams at the top, the teams at the bottom had a rough week:

1. Connecticut
2. Memphis
3. Duke
4. Villanova
5. Texas
6. Gonzaga
7. West Virginia
8. Tennessee
9. Florida
10. George Washington
11. UCLA
12. Illinois
13. Michigan State
14. Georgetown
15. Iowa
16. Pittsburgh
17. North Carolina State
18. Ohio State
19. Oklahoma
20. Northern Iowa
21. North Carolina
22. Louisiana State
23. Nevada
24. Colorado
25. Creighton

Also Receiving varying fractions of a vote:
Boston College, Bucknell, Indiana, Michigan, San Diego State, Seton Hall, Syracuse, UAB, Wichita State, Wisconsin

What Happened Last Week: (1/30-2/05)

1. Connecticut W v. Pittsburgh, W at Indiana
2. Memphis W at Tulsa, W at Rice
3. Duke W at Boston College, W v. Florida State
4. Villanova W v. Louisville, W v. Marquette
5. Texas W at Mizzou, W v. Texas A&M
6. Gonzaga W v. Portland, W v. Santa Clara
7. West Virginia W v. Notre Dame, W v. Cincinnati
8. Tennessee W v. Vandy, W v. Mississippi

Top teams win as expected. Connecticut and Duke register big wins.

9. Illinois W at Wisconsin, L v. Penn State

So close to escaping, but no way the Illini should've let the Nittany Lions have a chance to steal in Assembly Hall

10. Florida W at Mississippi, W v. Kentucky
11. George Wash. W at Xavier, W v. Richmond

Good wins. Florida beats Wildcats for 3rd straight time, and GW gets big road win at Xavier.

12. Pittsburgh L at UConn, L at Georgetown

Rough week for Pitt. Two road games, two losses.

13. UCLA W v. Arizona State, W v. Arizona
14. Michigan State W at NU

Win the games you're supposed to, and you'll move up in the poll.

15. Oklahoma W v. Tex A&M, L at Kansas

The Sooners have 3 losses in the Big 12 by a total of 4 points. But opportunities like winning at Kansas don't come around all that often.

16. Northern Iowa L at Creighton, W v. Indiana St.

The Missouri Valley is so tough this year. But it may not be going away anytime soon.

17. Georgetown W at DePaul, W v. Pittsburgh
18. Iowa W at Purdue, W v. Michigan
19. North Carolina St. W v. Virginia, W v. Maryland
20. Ohio State W v. FAMU, W v. Minnesota

Good wins by all four teams, Iowa looking good in Big Ten race, and Georgetown cements status as Big East contender with home victory over Pitt.

21. Colorado L at Iowa State
22. Wisconsin L v. Illinois, L at Purdue
23. Boston College L v. Duke, W at VT
24. Indiana W v. NU, L v. UConn

Can't fault any of these teams too much for the losses, but Wisconsin's looking like the odd man out in the Big Ten after really hitting the skids. The Badgers needed the win at Purdue badly.

25. Nevada W at La Tech, W at NMSU
Two great road wins, but the W at Louisiana Tech may end up deciding the WAC regular season.

Bucknell W at Army, W at Colgate
Creighton W v. Northern Iowa, W at Drake
Kansas State, L at Baylor, L v. Oklahoma State
Louisiana State W at Mississippi, W v. Auburn
Maryland, L v. UNC, L at NCSU
Michigan, W at PSU, L v. Iowa
North Carolina, W at Maryland, W v. Clemson
San Diego State, W at Colorado State
Seton Hall W at Providence, W v. Rutgers
Southern Illinois, L at Indiana State, L at Wichita State
Syracuse, W v. Rutgers
UAB, W at Central Florida
Washington, L at Stanford, L at Washington State
Wichita State W v. Evansville, v. Southern Illinois
Xavier L v. George Washington, L at Saint Louis


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