Monday, February 13, 2006

CBBA poll & What Happened Last Week 2/13

1. Connecticut
2. Memphis
3. Duke
4. Villanova
5. Texas
6. Gonzaga
7. Tennessee
8. George Washington
9. West Virginia
10. Florida
11. Pittsburgh
12. UCLA
13. Ohio State
14. Iowa
15. North Carolina State
16. Georgetown
17. Oklahoma
18. Michigan State
19. Illinois
20. Northern Iowa
21. North Carolina
22. Louisiana State
23. Nevada
24. Boston College
25. Bucknell

Also Getting Props to a lesser extent:
Colorado, Creighton, George Mason, Sna DiegoS tate, Seton Hall, Southern Illinois, Syracuse, UAB, Wichita State, Wisconsin

What Happened last week

1. Connecticut W v. Syracuse, W at Seton Hall
2. Memphis W at Marshall
3. Duke W at North Carolina, W at Maryland
4. Villanova W v. St. Joe's, W at DePaul
5. Texas W at Texas Tech, W v. Nebraska
6. Gonzaga W v. St. Mary's, W v. Stanford
7. West Virginia L at Pittsburgh, W at Georgetown
8. Tennessee W at Kentucky, W at Georgia
9. Florida L v. S. Carolina, W v. LSU
10. George Washington W v. Dayton, W at St. Joseph's

Top teams all win with only two exceptions. West Virginia goes ice-cold and loses at Pitt, which isn't really an upset, but Florida losing at home to South Carolina is.

11. UCLA W at Washington State, L at Washington
12. Illinois L at Ohio State
13. Michigan State W v. Purdue, L at Minnesota
14. Georgetown W v. St. John's, L v. West Virginia
15. Iowa L at Northwestern, W at Indiana
16. Pittsburgh W v. West Virginia, W v. Cincinnati
17. North Carolina State W at Miami, L at Georgia Tech

Big Trouble in this group. Only Pittsburgh did well this week.

18. Ohio State W at Michigan, W v. Illinois
19. Oklahoma W at Oklahoma State, W v. Baylor

The onlyBig Ten team to have a really good week (besides Northwestern) was Ohio State, thumping Michigan at Ann Arbor and waxing Illinois at home 3 days later. Oklahoma got a good road win against their state rival.

20. Northern Iowa W v. Wichita State, L v. Missouri State
21. North Carolina L v. Duke, W at Miami
22. Louisiana State W v. Arkansas, L at Florida
23. Nevada W v. New Mexico State

Nobody here did anything great or surprising. Predictable losses were offset by solid wins. But check out Missouri State taking down N.Iowa on the road. The Valley has five good teams.

24. Colorado L at Texas A&M, W v. Texas Tech
25. Creighton W at Evansville, L v. Southern Illinois

The loss at Texas A&M wasn't all that bad for Colorado, but then they barely pulled out a home win vs. Texas Tech. The Buffs are just struggling. And Creighton gets upended at home as well by Southern Illinois., who just had a fantastic week.

Boston College, W at Wake Forest, W v. Clemson
Bucknell, W v. American, W at Holy Cross
Indiana, L at Wisconsin, L v. Iowa
Michigan, L v. Ohio State, L at Purdue
San Diego State, W v. Air Force, L v. Utah
Seton Hall, W at South Florida, L v. UConn
Syracuse, L at UConn, W at St. John's
UAB, L at UTEP, W v. East Carolina
Wichita State, L at NIU, W at Indiana State
Wisconsin W v. Indiana, W at PSU


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