Monday, February 27, 2006

New Cbba Poll & Last Week's action


1. Memphis
2. Duke
3. Connecticut
4. Villanova
5. Gonzaga
6. George Washington
7. Texas
8. Tennessee
9. Pittsburgh
10. UCLA
11. Ohio State
12. West Virginia
13. North Carolina
14. Georgetown
15. Illinois
16. Oklahoma
17. Louisiana State
18. Iowa
19. Florida
20. Nevada
21. Missouri State
22. Marquette
23. Washington
24. Boston College
25. Wichita State

Also Receiving Votes:

Air Force, Bucknell, George Mason, Kansas, Michigan, Michigan State, North Carolina State, Northern Iowa, UAB, Wisconsin

What Happened Last Week

1. Villanova W at Cincinnati, L at UConn
2. Memphis W v. UTEP, W v. Tulsa
3. Duke W at Georgia Tech, W at Temple
4. Connecticut W v. Notre Dame, W v. Villanova

There was some reshuffling among the #1 seeds with UConn's home win over Nova. So, Memphis gets a turn at the top. I think they are closer to the 5th best team in the nation rather than the top, but they are good enough to go on a run.

5. Gonzaga
W at Pepperdine, W v. San Diego
6. George Washington W v. Lasalle, W at Fordham
7. Texas W at Kansas State, W v. Kansas

The #2 seeds roll on, but only Texas gets a wins of any note, but even these were "should-win" games.

8. Tennessee W at Florida, L at Arkansas

Tennessee stays put only because of the massive meltdown in the teams below them. Also got a a great win at Florida.

9. North Carolina State L v. UNC, L v. BC
10. Florida L v. Tennessee, L at Alabama
11. West Virginia L at Syracuse, W v. Providence

Disaster strikes! Only WVU gets a win, but Florida & NCSU suffer wicked home losses.

12. Pittsburgh W v. Providence
13. UCLA W v. Oregon State, W v. Oregon
14. Ohio State W at Michigan State, W v. Michigan

This group did pretty well. Ohio State looks ready to slide into its first Big Ten Championship under Thad Matta.

15. Iowa L at Minnesota, L at Illinois
16. Illinois L at Michigan, W v. Iowa

The Big Ten teams are knocking each other off. I can't wait for the conference tourney!

17. Georgetown W v. Rutgers, W v. Syracuse
18. North Carolina W at NCSU, W v. Maryland

The Hoyas get a good couple of wins, but the Tarheels W's are considerably more impressive.

19. Michigan State L v. Ohio State, L at Indiana

Tough luck at Indiana, with some plays (& calls) predictably going against them after a solid effort. But it's really the home loss to Ohio State that drop them out of the top 25.

20. Oklahoma W at Texas Tech, W v. Kansas State
21. Louisiana State W at Vanderbilt, W v. Kentucky
22. Nevada W at Idaho, W at Utah State

Good wins, although Oklahoma has beens kating on thin ice all season long. Nevada gets a pair of solid road wins, and is starting to look pretty dangerous.

23. Boston College L at Virginia, W at NCSU
24. Northern Iowa L v. Bradley, L at SIU
25. George Mason L at Hofstra, W v. James Madison

Northern Iowa has a bad week as the MVC has gone topsy-turvy, but BC hangs on to the ranking only because of up-and-down week of all of the other contenders for the top 25 ranking. GMU just won at Wichita State in Bracketbusters, but the loss at Hofstra makes them #26 this week.

Air Force W v. New Mexico, W v. UNLV
Bucknell W v. Lehigh, W v. Army
Creighton W v. Indiana State, L at Missouri State
Kansas W v. Baylor L at Texas
Marquette W at ND
Michigan W v. Illinois, L at Ohio State
Missouri State W at Illinois State, W v. Creighton
UAB W at Southern Methodist
Washington W v. Stanford, W v. California
Wichita State W at Drake, W v. Illinois State


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